Give you four reasons to choose tourmaline

Due to the influence of the gem culture of the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese people have a higher awareness of the tourmaline culture and purchases are more active. In recent years, tourmaline has gradually become accepted by the public and has become a new popular color in the personalized name necklace market.

Health implications

Tourmaline with trace elements determines that tourmaline is a healthy crystal stone.

Red tourmaline is able to arouse people’s inner love, attract love, enhance human relations, make people happy, feel comfortable, melt the indifferent, and strengthen affinity. Pink rose tourmaline custom name necklace also affects metabolism and glands, helping to strengthen heart function. The green of the green tourmaline corresponds to the heart of the human body, which is good for the heart and lung function of the human body; the green tourmaline is also the stone of wealth, which can enhance the fortune and contribute to the development of the cause; the green tourmaline can also make people clear, calm, and able to concentrated on and relax your mood.
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The blue color of the blue tourmaline promise rings for her corresponds to the throat of the human body, so the blue tourmaline is helpful for the respiratory tract and trachea of the human body; the blue magnetic field can make people’s state of mind clear and emotionally stable, which helps to enhance the individual’s persuasive ability and language skills. The yellow of the yellow tourmaline monogram ring corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, which is very good for the human stomach digestive system; the yellow gemstone is also a symbol of wealth, which can enhance the fortune and help the business.

Good jewelry for getting rid of evil spirits

Tourmaline is known as a get rid of evil stone and a good luck stone, which can be used to keep peace.

The tourmaline is homophonic with the “dispelling evil spirits” and is therefore also called “the stone of getting rid of evil spirits”. People think that wearing a tourmaline can get the blessing of the Buddha, stay away from the ghosts, and resolve all the disappointments. Tourmaline custom name bracelet is also known as the Stone of Fortune: In 1906, the American Gem Society determined the birthstone of each month, and set the tourmaline as the lucky stone of October, symbolizing hope, peace and avoiding bad luck and bringing luck.
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