Best Elliptical Machine Under $500 & Cross Trainer Review

There are lots of devices that can be used to execute cardio exercises. The Elliptical machine is one of these devices. When elliptical machines are used in exercising, not only will you have a smooth ride, your joints will be free from injury and unnecessary stress.

When looking to buy an elliptical machine under $500, there are lots of factors you need to consider. Below is a guide on some of the things you need to put into consideration when shopping for an elliptical machine under $500


Elliptical machines come with various features. Some of these features are popular while some are not too common. One of the features of elliptical machines that is not too common is incline. Although lots of elliptical designs under $500 do not come with incline, if you need an elliptical that will be a little challenging, the incline feature of an elliptical machine is one you must give serious consideration.

When exercising with an elliptical machine that has the incline feature, your strides are forced to become shorter and you will have to exert more energy to cover a given distance.

Stride Length

When purchasing an elliptical machine under $500, you will need to pay so much attention to stride length. Stride length is actually more important than a lot of people are aware of. If you buy an elliptical machine that is too short or too long, your stride mechanics will be affected and this way, you might end up not obtaining satisfaction from your workout sessions.

While there are various stride lengths available when shopping for elliptical machines under $500, you can get an elliptical machine with a spectrum between 16” and 22” as it will be easy for different users to make use of it.

Furthermore, the reason you need an elliptical machine and your size will go a long way in affecting the type of stride length you will make use of. If you will be running with an elliptical machine, then you will need a machine with a long stride length. However, if you will be walking, a shorter stride length will be okay.

If you are over 5ft 7, you can always make use of an elliptical machine with stride length 18” and 20”. However, if you are taller, then a stride length of 20” and above will be good.


Unlike other cardio machines that come with just a design, when shopping for an elliptical machine, you have the option of selecting from various designs. When selecting an elliptical machine because of its design, you will need to consider how much space you have.

More often than not, when shopping for elliptical machines under $500, the two designs you will be able to have access to are the rear-drive and the front-drive. Also, you can go for an elliptical machine that was designed to be kept under a desk. With elliptical machines like this, you can always have a little workout while you are at work.


When buying an elliptical machine, one factor that you have to put into consideration is resistance. The resistance of an elliptical machine is a strong determinant of the intensity of your exercise on an elliptical machine.

If you purchase an elliptical machine with a resistance that is too high, you might struggle to make use of it and you might not be able to successfully develop a fitness routine even after making use of it for a long time. On the other hand, if you purchase an elliptical machine with a resistance that is a little weak, it will be outgrown very easily. After a while of making use of it, it might become useless.

Control Module

The control module of an elliptical machine is the point you execute all the settings you want on an elliptical machine. While it is popular for this, it does more than just help you set the incline and resistance levels on your elliptical machine. A lot of times it comes with a screen. By looking at this screen, you can have much-needed feedback about how your workout is going. Some of the feedback you can get from the control module of an elliptical machine under $500 are time, speed, and heart rate. In addition to helping you monitor essentials, the control module can also help you adjust your elliptical machine so you can get the best out of its use. If you purchase an elliptical machine with a lot of the features you look out for but has a poor control module, you might not be able to obtain satisfaction from exercising with it.

When buying an elliptical machine under $500, not only should you look put for one that has a control module, you can also get one that has a control module with an LCD screen.

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