Have You Just Begun Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Learn These 4 Truths About It!

Have you just joined Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Then you should learn some of the very important truths about BJJ. No matter whether you are new or have already been doing BJJ for a couple of weeks, these 4 truths will help you to get to know more about BJJ and you will surely be convinced to be more dedicated towards it.

  1. Gi is important

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is played while wearing Gi, which is its international costume. There is always a reason for a particular gear to wear for a particular sport. For example, a batsman in cricket wear helmet and leg pads that give him a protection from any injury that may happen while playing. Similarly, Gi has its own significance in BJJ. It enables you to be more precise in your actions and movements. Gi does not allow opponent to get out of a bad position by simply grabbing the stuff (Gi) while using pure strength. So, in BJJ a player really needs good techniques to yank out of such a position. So, it also helps us to realize that in BJJ techniques are more important than pure strength.

  1. Patience

Patience is a key to success in BJJ and with time you will learn that it’s not something that can be learnt in just few days. You can say that it is a never-ending learning process where you keep on learning newer techniques with time. It’s a sport of attack, defend, and counter. So, if you’re attacked then you need to learn how to defend yourself against that attack and then also have to learn a technique to counter that attack. BJJ is a chain of actions, so be patient you will definitely learn various techniques with time.

  1. Knowing others help you learn BJJ

It is quite common that you usually join gym with your friend or find a partner there and then you forget about knowing any other person in the gym. Well, that goes fine in gym but it is not going to work in BJJ class. In gym, it does not matter whether you know others or not. However, in BJJ all the people in the class participate directly and become the part of your training and they influence you a lot. You learn techniques directly from them and try new ones when you come against them. So, the truth is that you will have to be little more extrovert in BJJ class for better learning.

  1. Your life will be changed

The biggest truth about BJJ is that it will change you and your life. The overall benefits of BJJ that you will have in your life will be far better than your initial goals of becoming fit and to get in a right shape. It teaches you to be patient, hardworking, open towards learning, how to defend and attack, and many more lessons that hold great importance in real life as well. You will definitely notice that you are bringing improvements in various aspects of your life soon.

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