4 Low Cost Alternate Modes of Travelling

Are you looking for low cost travelling? Here is a list of ideas that you can look at and choose any one which best suits you. No doubt, it takes lot of money to spend every month on travelling whether you are a student who has to go to school, university or a workaholic employee who never compromises on performance. Saving money and nature is the need of an hour in this era. Let go of cars and buses that cost a lot every day. However, it is always suggested to wear proper gear to protect you from any adversity. Here are 4 interesting ideas that can help you to save money on daily basis while saving environment and keeping you healthy.

  1. Motorbiking

Motorbike is the first choice that comes in your mind, when you want to step out of your luxury transportation. Yes, they are economical and less damaging to environment. It can save time due to its smaller size unlike cars and buses that tend to take more space in the roads resulting in wasting more time on the roads. So, save your time and money by using motorbike on daily basis. It is always recommended to protect yourself while you’re on motorbike, so wear helmets and motorcycle jackets that can save you incase of an accident.

  1. Rollerblades

Well, this sounds more like a fun and cardio workout than saving money and environment. Yes, why shouldn’t you try a thing that has multiple benefits to you and environment. Rollerblades are more portable and need no fuel at all. It just requires one-time investment to buy them and then you can travel for free. Moreover, it will become more like a fashion symbol that will represent you when you use them to go to university or work. Imagine, enjoying those summer winds everyday while having an exercise without going to gym is not less than a miracle.

  1. Longboards

Similar to rollerblades, longboards require no fuel other than just your own energy and it requires just a small amount of money to buy it for once. They are environment friendly and make no harm to environment at all. It saves time and makes you more active and fit while offering fun at the same time. No doubt, this is the best alternate mode of travelling in the city. For more fun, you can encourage your friends to prefer using longboard and then you can make a group and go together.

  1. Bicycle

Well, if you think rollerblades and longboard can make you tired and it is hard to switch to them directly, then no worries, bicycle is another great option. It requires less energy as compared to rollerblades and longboard. However, it is more costly than rollerblades and longboard but still it is very cheap when compared to motorbike or car. If you adopt riding bicycle as a habit, you can soon become fit like athlete and you won’t have to approach expensive gyms to lose your fat. You will soon feel the difference in your life as you become more activity with this cardio exercise.

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