Will Hulu be the First Major Casualty of the Streaming Wars?

The streaming wars are heating up. Eventually, there will have to be a casualty. A real one. We’ve lost some of the lesser options in the past. Seeso came and went pretty fast. I think Crackle had tried to get in the game. I’m talking about the big guns. I worry we may be losing one in the not-too-distant future, or that, at the very least, it will fall by the wayside. I think that we may be en route to Hulu becoming a definitive loser of the streaming wars.

Just look at the landscape. Netflix is crushing it. They have finally starting to really get the whole movie thing going. They have their romantic comedies, but the prestige has been coming more and more. When Martin Scorsese is making a movie that is being released primarily by you, you are doing just fine. Let’s not forget about the original TV shows as well. Amazon Prime has the backing of Amazon. They can keep it going just through the strength of that. Jeff Bezos will not lose this battle. Disney+ is about to arrive. It’s going to change the game. They have the Marvel and Star Wars universes. People are going to be hyped. HBO has some offering that I think may not work out but I think they are going to have Friends. NBC is launching Peacock, which has a bad name but will have The Office and some new stuff.

What will Hulu have? It’s only really had one hit original show: The Handmaid’s Tale. That has seemingly started to lose its luster. I used to have access to Hulu, and I still could, but I just haven’t really bothered with it. They have Seinfeld, but they are going to lose that in time. Plus, it costs money and it has ads, unless you spend more money. That’s lame. I know of one original show on Hulu. I don’t know what other shows are on there. I never hear people talk about it. Hulu has fallen behind Netflix and Amazon Prime. It will be behind Disney+ the second it debuts. The market is getting more crowded. What’s Hulu’s move going to be.

Here’s my prediction: After Handmaid’s Tale ends and Seinfeld is off Hulu, the death knell will have rung. I am not rooting for it, of course. The more options the better. The more content the better. However, the streaming wars are not going to cease, and Hulu seems to be in the crosshairs right now.

Addendum: Recently, there was some news on the Hulu front. Disney, who in addition to having its own streaming service you may have heard is launching owns Hulu among its many ventures, has made Hulu the new home for all things FX. This may give it a little burst of life, but honestly I don’t think it changes much. For starters, I didn’t think Hulu was going to just up and disappear tomorrow. I figured it had a couple more years of life left in it. I still do. In the end, Hulu doesn’t have the panache of the other streamers. It doesn’t have the original content. FX has some beloved shows, but not a ton of them, especially since who wants to watch Louie these days anyway? Even if Hulu survives in the long run, it will only be because Disney is propping it up. It could be a bit of a puppet streaming service almost. Right now, Disney+ doesn’t want to muddy up the waters of all its offerings. However, down the line, why wouldn’t they just fold the stuff from Hulu people like into Disney+, jack up the price, and cut bait on the rest? That, or Hulu will still exist, but also still be a loser in the streaming wars. The short-term picture has changed a bit. Long term everything remains the same.

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  1. LOL my god. They just let the clueless write articles now huh? “What does Hulu have?” It’s got all its licensed content, FX, Touchstone, FOX & FOX Searchlight & a growing number of original shows & films. Not to mention Marvel & anime & live TV. Oh & it’s going to be bundled with Disney+. Are you even aware that Disney owns both of those companies? Lol

    Information is important.

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