Fortnite Addiction – Parents are Getting Worried

There is no doubt that video games are extremely fun and enjoyable and some people are spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of their computer screens, sometimes for more than what would generally be considered normal or even tolerable. While many would agree that video games do have an addictive nature, there are those who claim that the addictive nature is comparable to cocaine! Once they get their first taste of Fortnite, there’s no turning back. Goodbye schoolwork and goodbye family.

Video game addiction is not a new concept, in fact, we know that World of Warcraft has been similarly compared to other addictive substances in the past, and there have been reports of people collapsing, or even dying in front of their screens due to excessively long gaming sessions. While this trend can probably be traced way back, it would appear that the most addictive video game of all time is now Fortnite. Let’s not forget, kids also spend hours watching their favorite players, obsessing over what settings and keybinds they use. They care more about what settings Tfue uses instead of what is happening in real life.

Recently, there have been reports of concerned parents claiming that their children have developed an unhealthy addiction to the most popular Battle Royale game on the market and that they are neglecting their educational and social life just to spend more time playing Fortnite.

A news report in Canada stated that at least on two separate occasions, two worried parents approached Calex Legal claiming that their children have become dependent on Fortnite. One of the parents filed a claim in which they stated that their son, who is ten years old, has been playing Fortnite on a daily basis for months and that he becomes “very frustrated and angry” if the parents attempt to limit his playing time. Another parent filed a complaint stating that their fifteen-year-old son very quickly developed an infatuation with Fortnite. Further claims in the lawsuit state that some Fortnite players are neglecting their basic needs like eating and showering in order to spend more time playing the game and they no longer socialize.

All of this is just half of the problem that Epic Games will have to deal with, as the second half of the lawsuit claims that developers have allegedly designed the game to be so addictive on purpose. An attorney of Calex Legal said in an interview with CBC:

“Epic Games, when they created Fortnite, for years and years, hired psychologists — they really dug into the human brain and they really made the effort to make it as addictive as possible, they knowingly put on the market a very, very addictive game which was also geared toward youth.”

These allegations are extremely serious and this whole situation could potentially end up very badly for Epic Games if the alleged claims are found to be true. Epic has however refused to comment on the ongoing litigation and there is really not much that we can do except sit and watch as this whole thing unravels.

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