Best Harness for French Bulldogs

Dogs, like every other pet, have transformed into an integral part of many households. Welcoming pets as a new member of the family, it is our responsibility to make sure they are safe and loved.

Using collars to walk your dog is nothing short of cruelty, especially when there are viable alternatives present in the market. A harness is the perfect replacement of a collar as it improves on certain aspects, which are essential for the health and safety of the animal.

Before you impulsively set out to search for the Best Frenchie Harness, we will list some reasons as to why a harness is such a better fit for your pet.

  • A collar diverts all the pressure on the neck muscles. In contrast, the structure of the harness allows it to balance out the tension, and this is a vital benefit for certain breeds of dogs as their eye-balls are easily popped out through pressure on the neck. In contrast, the strain can recede the health of pets facing respiratory diseases.
  • The harness covers a larger area of a dog; thus, it is easier to control even if it one of the larger breeds.

Now that we have established the importance of a harness, it is time to mention the different types of dog harnesses:

Front Clip Harnesses

This particular type of harness provides a firm but a comfortable base for the dog, so it does not get agitated. There are several points on the harness, which provide custom fitting. The product also encourages a stylish look on your pet, which is a priority for some individuals. The design of the harness assists owners in controlling larger dogs by pressuring their frontal area. The drawbacks of this type of harness include the fact that the leash may get tangled in the legs of your pet. Another downside is that the harness exerts additional force on the legs of a dog, which is harmful in the longer run.


The Head Halter consists of a strap, which goes around the facial area of your pet. Another goes across the upper portion of the dog’s face. It is essential to understand that yanking the strap is the sole medium to harm the dog, so it is crucial to abstain from it. It is quite beneficial if an owner can calm the dog as all pets are uncomfortable with newer items. The strap makes it easier to control larger dogs in addition to reducing the barking done by the dogs.

Back-Clip Dog Harnesses

As the name implies, this type of harness is popular among the smaller breeds of dogs; this is since the throat of smaller dogs are much more sensitive, so they require the leash clips to be attached on their backs. It the most popular type of harnesses because its disadvantages are limited to the dogs huge in size.

Health Harnesses

Pick of the lot; Health harnesses are tailor-made for dogs who may be sensitive or face some medical issues. It has multiple D-rings to offer the option of attaching the leash according to your pet’s emotional and physical needs. It is a very efficient product used for brachy breeds such as French Bulldogs, pugs etc. also provides a wide range of health harnesses, produces organic materials to prevent allergies and skin rash.

We have discussed why harnesses are important for the safety of your pet because it is important that a dog owner gets to make an informed decision on selecting something so significant.

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