5 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and people are preparing their hot chocolate and cozy blankets to keep them warm. However, it’s also time to prepare your living space to make it more comfortable in every sense of the word. All it takes is a few creative tweaks and you have yourself a comfy haven even better prepared for the holidays.

1.      Dress for the job

If you’re planning on making your home as comfortable as possible, you’re going to need an outfit to match that aesthetic. More often than not, most of your comfort comes from things that you’re wearing. Your home comes at a close second in terms of influence on comfiness.

Wool and thick cotton garments are the most recommended types of cozy clothes. They keep you warm during the winter and they keep you cool during the summer. Although, wool isn’t exactly most peoples’ choice when the temperature gets hot.

2.      Capture every cozy moment

Feeling cozy doesn’t just have to do with the current moment. You can feel cozy about things that have happened before, too. It’s kind of like nostalgia affecting you in a physical way. It gets you feeling warm and comfortable within your home.

What better way to give yourself reminders of wholesome and cozy moments than with photography? Take the opportunity to document moments that will help keep you warm. You can pull them up on your phone when you want a cozy reminder to help lift your spirits up. Alternatively, you can go the old-fashioned route and frame your photographs and hang them on the wall. Having a physical version of a photo can turn it into an object of sentimental value.

3.      Add layers upon layers

It’s not enough to make every surface in your home into a cozy plateau, you also need to add an additional layer of comfiness on top to really seal the deal. Your couch might be wonderful enough to lounge on, but who’s to say that it can’t be even more soft and comfortable?

You have two ways of going about this. You can add a thick and fluffy blanket on top to add to the colour and texture of the furniture, or you can pile on some pillows. The latter option is a lot more common and getting it right is pretty easy. You just have to pick pillows which work for the room’s aesthetic.

4.      Get the right lighting for every room

If your room feels comfy, it should also look the part. Most people don’t realize the effect that good lighting has on their rooms. It’s the second most important part after the décor. Keeping everything lit well will increase the comfort factor by a huge margin.

As good as some light bulbs are, they can never be a match for natural lighting. The sun is just too good at providing warm and cozy lighting. Make sure you keep your furniture close to your windows to get the most out of the natural light that the home gets. However, you also have to make sure you don’t overdo it during the summer since nobody likes getting a sunburn in their own home. It wouldn’t hurt to install something like custom roman blinds for windows that are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays. Being able to block out the sun will guarantee you some comfortable Saturday mornings when sleeping in.

5.      Pick out some delightful candles

Once the sun goes down, you’re pretty much left with no natural lighting options. At least, not ones that come from the outside. You can always add to the comfiness factor by lighting some candles and setting the mood.

Candles are a very popular choice for people that like comfortable atmospheres. Get a couple of scented candles and you have a great night ahead of you. The flickering light sources are fun to look at and they add a tiny bit of warmth to every room they’re in.


Making your home extra cozy is no small task, but it’s perfectly manageable for anyone with a little bit of dedication and creativity. Make sure you get down to it right away, before the holiday season starts. It’s going to do you a lot of good.

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