Reasons why injury attorney will not take your case

After getting into an accident, you have suffered from a great loss physically and financially as well. You need to hire Chicago Injury Attorneys who can help you get compensation for your loss. But there are times when you go into a law firm and after getting a free consultation from a lawyer, you ask them to take your case and move forward, but they refuse. Now there are plenty of reasons why Chicago Injury Attorneys turned down your case.

Severity of injury

This is the most important factor Chicago Injury Attorneys see when they are analyzing the case. Thinking that your injuries are serious does not mean that the jury will think the same. If the injury did not have an effect on you financially and emotionally then you will not get any compensation. So you claiming an insurance for minor injuries does not help the lawyer to build a strong case.


This is the second most important factor that the Chicago Injury Attorneys consider. If you were injured due to something, it does not always mean that someone else have to pay for your injuries because sometimes it is no one’s fault that you got injured. So there will be no compensation. If liability is not clear then the chances of settlement is lower which means the anticipated costs are higher. Lawyer will evaluate the case and will see if the defendant is really responsible for it or not. If not, then they will deny your case.

Defendant’s insurance

When evaluating the case, lawyers take into account the financial status of the defendant as well. What if he is not capable of giving the compensation that is required? Then what will be the purpose of wasting time and money on such case where you will not get any recovery.


How much complex a case is and whether it is worth the time of the lawyer matter as well. It will require more work and more money. If the compensation does not cross the expense, then there is no point is taking the case. Some lawyers may take the case but the majority wont.

Economic reality

The purpose of the claim is to get a compensation as a result of an injury which includes the recovery of your medical bills, loss of wages, property loss etc. The lawyers get paid only if they win your case, they get a specific percentage of the total amount that you get. That is why Chicago Injury Attorneys take into account the amount of effort, time and money the case requires

Others include

  • Statute of limitations on the claim has expired
  • You’ve talked to other lawyers
  • Government defendant
  • Proximity issues

Bottom line

Do not lose hope if a few Chicago Injury Attorneys did not take your case. Always get a free consultation about your case first and be honest about your case details. They will give you an honest opinion about your case and whether you should pursue it or not.

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