OSRS Best Weapons: Is the Blade of Saeldor Worth It?

MMORPGs are known for their cycles of buffs and nerfs. This is to ensure that no single build or item stays on top forever, thereby encouraging players to mix things up and keep trying new things. Old School RuneScape is no exception, as it has indeed changed many skills, maps, and items throughout the years. Among them is the Blade of Saeldor. Now that it’s been improved, is it now worth using? Let’s find out!

Easily Among the Best

The Blade of Saeldor, is a rare drop from The Gaunlet. It’s not tradable, so you can’t buy it with OSRS Gold. It boasts of 55 Stab Attack, 94 Slash Attack bonuses, and attack speed of 4. It also gives a bonus of 89 Strength, which is the highest among OSRS weapons with the same attack speed. The weapon requires 75 attack–a rather lofty prerequisite, but it’s very much worth the bonuses it gives, as it even surpasses the Abyssal Tentacle when it comes to being the most outstanding slash weapon. Among the one-handed swords, it’s considered to be as strong as the Ghrazi Rapier OSRS.

Tales Behind the Edge

Before we discuss item stats and usage, let’s explore the lore behind the sword first. As the name suggests, the blade belonged to Saeldor, an elite elven warrior. The eldest among four siblings, his golden voice is known to calm his siblings down whenever they fight. Aside from being a singer, he’s also a whisperer, one that can talk to the elements of nature. And because of this gift, he’d even go out of his way to help them out.

Also, here’s another nice trivia: in Sindarin, the elven language that J.R.R. Tolkien constructed for his Middle Earth mythos, Saeldor means wise brother. Judging the Gielinor legend of this weapon, it looks like they fitted Tolkien lore into theirs and expanded it to the point that it’s become an individual story.

On a more OSRS community-related tidbit, the Song of the Elves poll, which decided the content of its namesake Grandmaster quest, one of the questions was whether the Blade of Saeldor should have a special attack called Saeldor’s Strike. The proposed special attack, which didn’t get added in the game because it didn’t reach the required number of votes, was supposed to deal 50% additional damage, knockback enemies that occupy 1 tile 4 ticks back, and stun them. However, it would have cost a hefty100% Special Attack energy and a 4-tick delay on your next standard attack.

A Singer’s Blade for Battle

Ironically, however, despite its lore, the OSRS Blade of Saeldor is popular for being used in PVP–or rather not used. Why use it? Because wielding it gives you an immense stat boost. But to achieve this, the blade needs to be charged with crystal shards. Each one gives 100 charges and the blade can have a total of 20,000 charges.

However, the sword loses a charge every hit, regardless of whether it actually lands or not. There is no way to prevent the charges from being depleted, even if you equip an Elven Signet, whose effect is preventing the charge usage of crystal equipment. In fact, the item specifically states that the Blade of Saeldor as an exception.

If that’s not enough of a drawback to dissuade you from using it (because it really isn’t), the sword also loses all charges and gets dropped upon death. While on PvM settings, all charges are kept even after death. So, if you’re not the risk-taker type, then you should choose another sword for PVP. But if you want a huge advantage over your enemies, know when to quit, and are cautious of others, then it’s definitely a must-try!

To say that the Blade of Saeldor is one of the more interesting OSRS items is an understatement, as it’s arguably one of the best. If you’re a one-handed sword user, you should definitely consider using this OSRS best weapon!

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