Get Familiar with Different Gutter Materials

Nothing causes water damage to a home faster than poor guttering. It allows water to get where it shouldn’t be, to accumulate and slowly drip potentially causing all kinds of structural damage to a property. Bad guttering encourages damp and mold growth from your roof and ceilings to the windows and walls generally affecting the integrity of the entire house along with the health of the people in it. 

If it is time to replace your gutters you can find a range of gutter materials on the market today but they are mainly divided into six categories.

Steel Gutters

If you’re concerned about longevity and durability, you may want to put your money on galvanized steel guttering. Steel is strong enough to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.  It is also available in a wide range of painted finishes and sizes from 100mm, 125mm to 150mm gutters capable of draining high volumes of water when needed and you will also need downpipes that can match this capacity.

Aluminum Gutters

If you’re looking for a guttering solution for a commercial or industrial premises, aluminum may be the right option. It is corrosion resistant and capable of dealing with most heavy weather. It is also lightweight, which makes it suitable for prefabricated or framed structures.

uPVC Gutters

They are fast becoming popular since they are cost effective when compared to steel guttering. They are lightweight and come in easy to manage sections, which is why the ease of installation is another added benefit. Depending on the brand you choose, you can find these gutters in a variety of designs and sizes for a variety of functions. EasyMerchant store is a great place to start your search.

Galvalume Gutters

These gutters are essentially steel gutters with a protective zinc and aluminum coating. This coating is very efficient weatherproofing. It also resists corrosion better. You pay extra for its durability and efficiency. Galvalume gutters are among the most expensive guttering solutions available on the market.

Copper Gutters

If money is not the issue, you might consider copper gutters. Even though they require a higher upfront investment, they do offer a good value for money because of their performance. In terms of strength, copper comes out as a frontrunner and it is more than capable of dealing with heavy use. It also adds to the overall look of your property. And of course, there is no need to ever worry about rot or mildew or having to paint it. But considering the high value of copper even on the blackmarket, it could make your property a target for thieves.

Zinc Gutters

Made from pure zinc, these guttering solutions can withstand the elements and corrosion easily. Sometimes, zinc guttering also contains a small amount of copper and titanium. The price is on the high side, but you’ll never have to repair, repair or repaint.

Wood Gutters

Not that common anymore, this guttering is usually found on very old, restored properties. Today, there are much better choices.

When replacing your guttering, you will also need to replace your downpipes, end caps, corners, drop outlets, downspout elbows, couples and brackets and so many other small but essential gutter parts such as ledge jumpers and splash blocks. To avoid not being able to complete the job you’ve started, thoroughly survey your current system first and count each part very carefully. Creating a diagram will help you track. Standard guttering has as many as 17 different parts and each has to fit securely to be watertight so that the water keeps running away from your building.

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