IMAGINE this, you come to the home after a long day, and before you tuck into bed, you have a cup of coffee as you slide into a comfortable big and tall recliner, which drains out all of your pain and exhaustion!

It sounds like a dream! Trust us to make this dream come true for you. A magic sofa? No. Recliners? Yes!

Recliners are one of the best ways to end your day with a relaxed mind and body. We will tell you why.


It’s true that there many ways to relax, but recliners still top all of them because they do not only bring you peace, but also décor your house. To benefit yourself from these functions, it only takes you to press a single lever or button!

Moreover, they can rock, swivel, recline, massage and are the drug-free therapy that you should feed your body to forget all types of physical pain. Say HELLO to recliners and a GOODBYE to expensive massaging and physical therapy sessions!


For someone needing to relax and to furnish their house simultaneously, this is the right choice. Or even if you just want to furnish your house, even then, it’s wise to look for functions more than fashion.

Since recliners fall in that category, your investment will be a long-term commitment benefiting you every single day!

However, recliners are to be bought according to an individual’s size and therefore might not be adequate for other sizes. Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons making it an essential buy!


Since it’s a long term commitment it’s important that you invest in the right product! Here’s a guide to choosing the best one:  SPACE AVAILABLE:

Recliners can be huge in size, and you do not want them to appear as extra and overpowering, therefore always buy a recliner that best fits your room’s size and blends in with the rest of the furniture.  HOME DÉCOR: Good recliners can last up to 10 years, which is good news but a decade can bring major changes! To avoid the consequences of these changes, buy a recliner that will suit your home décor at all times, no matter what another furniture has been added or subtracted.   QUALITY: Keeping its long life in mind, it’s very crucial to buy a recliner of satisfactory quality to get the best results even in its last year’s. They should make it to the end in a tolerable condition so that your investment is fruitful!  FABRIC: This is one of the factors determining how comfortable your recliner is. If you have pets or children at home, opt for the leather one because they are more durable. If not, then go for more luxurious fabric.

Do not have the time to personally visit the markets and exhaust yourself by looking for a recliner with all the above features mentioned? No worry because we take it as OUR responsibility and therefore, after a deep research, we chose “CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME” recliner. Here’s why:


As we mentioned above, recliners come for specific sizes so we have chosen a recliner which is big and tall enough to adjust tall and big men. Are you someone

with children at home? To protect its durability, it is made up of leather and is made up while keeping disabled people in mind so it works for them too. Plus, it is well-finished with all the tiny details taken care of and thus will surely give your room a more pleasant look!

OTHER FEATURES:  STRONG AND STURDY: To make this sure that your chair is reliable and comfortable, it comes with plastic legs which are strong enough to handle any weight.   DURABLE PU LEATHER: This chair is covered with a layer of extra tough polyurethane leather so don’t fear any scratches! It is completely safe and reliable. It’s brown color makes it easier for it to adjust in almost all types of themes!  BUILT IN USB PORT: Does that sound new to you? It probably does because not every recliner offers that. This means that you can charge your gadgets while you relax your back on it without any worry!  SIDE ARM STORAGE: Do you want this chair for the elders who often forget where they put their things? Hold on, because this chair has a storage space where they can store their valuables.  So children can play games while their devices get charged through this chair, and the older ones can read their magazines after picking out one from the stock saved in its storage space!


Considering all these features, if you want a solution for your spinal problems, or to just relax your muscles or just decorate your home, GET YOURSELF this recliner to end your days in peace and to prepare yourself with a clearer mind for a better tomorrow!

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