In-Demand Skills to Nurture as an IT Outsourcing Developer

To stand out as a software developer in the world of IT nearshoring, you must possess vital technical and soft skills.

With software being in use everywhere, software development has become one of the most in-demand services in the world. Outsourcing for information technology services has become more commonplace as it provides access to skilled expertise, increases efficiency, and saves costs. According to Statista, ITO global revenue stood at $62 billion. However, this industry is quite lucrative, competition has also grown. Now, if you want to offer customers quality and create an excellent reputation for yourself, there are a couple of skills you should have.

Top Skills to Have as a Nearshore Software Developers

To run a successful IT outsourcing venture, you must possess valuable skills, both technical and soft qualities.

Technical Skills for Developers

These are the hard computer-related skills that make you a good developer. They are the first skills you should acquire. Top on the list include:


To become a programmer, you must at least understand one computer programming language. The more languages you learn over time, the more in-demand you will be in the market.

Full-stack development

This skill refers to one’s ability to manipulate or work with different software development tools. As outsourcing companies deal with clients from different countries, developers who are familiar with a variety of tools are favored during hiring, as they need little or no training.


Agile nearshore software development refers to a project management approach whereby conditions and solutions evolve through collaboration between the developing team and the client. With Agile methodology, you can adapt to quick changes in the product development process to ensure the delivery of desired results.

Analytical thinking & Problem-solving

Your job as a developer is to find solutions to technical problems. In addition, in programming, a simple error can create problems in the entire code. So, you should have the ability to detect, analyze, and correct issues in vast amounts of system.

Soft Skills for Developers

Aside from the technical bit, you should also possess these important soft skills:


As a software developer, your clients will be businesses of all shapes and sizes. You should, therefore, have a good understanding of the business world to understand customers’ needs better.


Software developers mostly work in a team. The ability to work well with others, therefore, will help you to contribute positively to your team.


Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential in software development. Remember, you will be conveying and exchanging ideas with your team and project manager regularly.


A good software developer should also be fluent in English for smooth communication with clients. The fact that you can find skilled developers who speak good English in Poland has made the country one of the top places for software nearshoring.

Winding Up

These essential skills for developers are what clients expect to see when outsourcing IT. JCommerce is one such software outsourcing company where you can find developers with these skills. It provides IT nearshoring services to companies from 21 countries.

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