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A sweet sixteen party is a party that your child wants when turning sixteen. Turning sixteen for many teenagers is one of the most special days for them. They may be planning for this day for many years. Teenagers always want the best sweet sixteen party and that will not be hard to do. Here are several ways to hold the best sweet sixteen birthday party for your soon-to-be-sixteen child.

Plan the budget

You may not be the richest dad but of course you want to give your teenager boy the best sweet sixteen party. The first thing to do when planning a party is that you need to set a budget. This would help you set everything accordingly. Even with a low budget you can hold a good birthday party.  When making a decision, just consult your parents and discuss the budget they are willing to give you for your party.

Place and date

Another important thing you have to do is plan the date. You will be making your friends and guests aware that you have the party and make sure that they are all able to come. You wouldn’t want your friends to be busy on the day of your sweet sixteen party, would you?

Choosing the venue is kind of hard. It matters because it has to be at a blooming venue. Simply said, the venue can make or break your party. Choose the best party venues like Hollywood Events Banquet Hall. Be sure to book the place before time so that the place isn’t occupied when you need it for the party. Your child’s sweet sixteen can also take place in your house but that totally depends on if they are willing to have it.

Invitations and schedule

Inviting can be a tough task. Some teenagers just want it to be a small gathering but others may want big parties. It is better to take your time and choose you who you are going to invite, because you wouldn’t want someone to come spoil your birthday party. According to traditions, it is better to give invitations at least four to five weeks early, so that your friends can clear their schedule for your sweet sixteen.

It is useful to write a rough schedule of what is going to happen during the party. It is better than having everything unorganized and out of hand at the party. You can entertain your friends with different activities; make sure you choose the best ones. Inviting bands or professional dancers is a good idea if you can manage the budget. If you can’t, your party can still be awesome without them.


That’s pretty much it! If you follow these step you may end up having the best sweet sixteen party. It will most probably the most memorable day of your life. There may be unexpected turns on your party but that is where the fun is. And don’t forget, you only turn sixteen once in your life so why not have the best birthday party?

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