Essential Tips for Buying the Perfect Leather Sofa for your Living Room


It is a fact that leather sofas can give the interiors of any home a classic, timeless look which no other furniture can. Nothing can match the comfort which leather sofas provide, and they also make a great style statement, taking your entire interiors to another level. They can match with the most comfortable pull out couch. They can enhance everything inside your home like your attractively painted walls or your tastefully decorated ceilings with concealed lighting or hanging chandeliers. Leather is one of those materials that, like good wine, can only get better with age.

A leather sofa is something that can last an entire lifetime, if taken care of in the proper way. One great thing about leather sofas is that they are comfortable for resting in any climate, and they provide the right warmth to your body in colder times while keeping your body cool in the hot summer. Leather comes in many different variants, and there are many factors to be considered while selecting a leather sofa. Depending on your taste you can buy either a leather sofa with a sophisticated contemporary look or you can go classic and buy one with an elegant, timeless appeal to it.

Top 3 Tips While Purchasing a Sofa

One of the best reasons for buying a leather sofa is that leather is hypo-allergic. It doesn’t attract dust, pollens, mites, thus making it an ideal furniture if there is a person in the house who suffers from allergies or asthma.

You need to consider many things like the size you need, your style preference, the different leather varieties, along with leather care tips before you buy a leather sofa for your living room. The following pointers will serve to help select the perfect leather sofa for your living room:

  1. Buying the right size: Before you start thinking about the leather type or your style preference, you have first to work out the dimensions of the sofa you need. For this, you have to take into account the number of family members you want to seat. Also, consider the space in your room which you want to allot to your sofa. Also, keep in mind the width of the main door of the house, as it helps in easy transportation.
  2. Choosing the material type: You have to select a leather type from the different types available such as full-grain, pigmented leather, split leather, etc. The following tips will help you in making the right decision:
  3. Full-grain leather: A sofa made with full-grain leather has visible hide marks on its surface, giving it a classic natural leathery look. This type of leather is made from the hide’s outer surface and is thus stronger and looks more attractive. Full-grain leather can be of either aniline or semi-aniline finish. Aniline leather has a soft texture, and it can quickly wear off as it has no outer coatings to prevent damage. Semi-aniline, on the other hand, is more lasting as it has an outer coating to protect from damage but is less attractive than aniline.
  4. Corrected Grain Leather: If you would like more protection for your sofa, then go for corrected grain leather which comes with extra protection. This leather is made from a deeper portion of the hide and will also have a smoother look and feel to it.
  5. Pigmented Leather: If you are someone who does not need a natural leathery look and is willing to experiment with different colours, then opt for pigmented leather. This leather may appear to be stiff but is cheaper and can be taken care of more quickly.
  6. Bonded leather: This can also be a good option for buyers with lower budgets. It is made to look like full leather and has a coating to protect it from damage too.
  7. Faux Leather: If you are not that particular about real leather, then Faux leather is an option that has the appearance of leather but lacking the finish and smell of genuine leather. It is also not as durable as authentic leather and has a lesser life.
  8. Choosing the sofa style: After you have decided the size and the type of leather, now focus on the sofa look. The sofa style should be one that complements the look of your room. You can choose from among the following popular methods:
  9. If you do not like sticking to a fixed furniture arrangement and would prefer to change the placing of the sofa now and then, you should opt for a modular or sectional sofa. The pieces can be placed anywhere depending on your requirements or moods.
  10. If you only need the sofa to seat just a couple of people at a time, then a loveseat is the best option for you as it is the smallest variety.
  11. If you need a sofa that can be converted into a bed at night, then a sofa cum bed is an excellent choice as it can be stretched out to form a bed when needed.

Other Parts to Look Into while buying a Leather Sofa

The armrest of your leather sofa can also be selected as per your style preference with options of a square or round shaped one or even an armless one available.

  1. The back of your sofa is also another area to focus on as there are options like the high-backed type in which the height of the back is higher than the armrest.
  2. There is the tuxedo back where the level of the armrest matches with that of the back.
  3. There is the camelback style that got its name from the two raised humps at the end instead of a single straight back.
  4. You can also check the barrel back which is another option which is curved in the seating area between the arms.

Once you are clear about the above features of a leather sofa, you can now practically test out the options available at the showrooms by sitting and judging the comfort level and inspecting other aspects like stitching and padding yourself.

Remember that leather sofas always provide excellent value for the money you spend. With the right care, these sofas can last much longer than most other fabrics, and the look of leather only improves with age. They are naturally water-resistant, easier to maintain and also do not attract allergens like other fabrics. So use the above helpful pointers to buy the best available leather sofa for you and don’t be surprised that your sofa will always be the main point of conversation whenever guests arrive for a visit.

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