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Uluru is a very busy place, especially during the summer. That’s why you’ll want the best company when it comes to finding the right tour resources. There are a handful of places that you can go to do a tour, and some people have been recently having troubles getting to Ayer’s Rock in the Northern Territory. In this guide, we’re going to tell you the best way you can use those tour resources though and get to see the Australian sunset with your loved one, or even on your own in a very unique experience. What’s even better, it can save you some money and give you an affordable experience.

How Long are You Wanting to Stay?

This is something that you’ll want to consider when it comes to picking the right tour. For example, if you’re wanting to stay long periods of time, then you’ll want to use an organized tour service that provides group tours to save even more. Of course, if you’re wanting to stay a designated time that is outside of the scope, it’s totally up to you, and you can pick a package at your Uluru tour company that offers longer trips, like a 7 or 10-day stay so you can fully experience the region.

Some people actually waste a lot of money trying to go see Uluru all in one day, but they miss out on all of the amazing things that are in the area, from the wildlife, the culture, the unique vegetation, the hieroglyphs from the ancient tribes, and so much more. By staying longer, you have more of a chance to actually get a little bit of interaction from the locals themselves – the one of a kind Anangu.

Can I Climb Ayer’s Rock?

This is something that many people ask, because a lot of thrill seekers wish to climb up the sacred land and get a more amazing view of the scenery. However, in 2019 the Anangu grew tired of the people who were getting hurt and put a stop to allowing people to climb the most famous landmark in all of Australia.

How to Get There with a Tour Resource

The best way to get to Ayer’s Rock that we’ve found is with a tour group. While you can definitely travel from wherever you’re at by driving, and some people even fly there (remember those few that we said that wasted their money on spending just one day there? If you fly there, you may as well waste the whole day’s trip.)


The best thing you can do is contact one of Australia’s most popular services when it comes to doing tours to Uluru. By doing so, you’re getting the best service, free onboard wi-fi, and so much more. Uluru Tours Rock Tour has been able to provide thousands over its many years in service, getting people to the area by means of using Greyhound buses, and you can have extended stay tours that offer a unique camping experience.

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