How to Start a Review Blog that Makes Money (7 Steps)

Blogging is an excellent choice if you are passionate about something and want to make money out of it. A review blog is one where you use a product and then discuss its merits and demerits. You can compare products and write about your opinion. One can build it as a niche site and earn money through the website. Dedicated review blogs like provide authentic reviews about the products. They put a lot of effort into testing out the products to give the readers an honest review. This is the reason why they have a lot of traffic on their site and earn more money. Here, we share the steps involved in starting a review blog and how you, too, can make money from it.

  • Decide on what your review is going to be about!

Starting a review blog is easy. But planning about it is what takes time. Ask yourself if you are sure about writing a review blog. If yes, then proceed to decide on the type of products that you are going to review. There are thousands of products out there. What kind are you going to review? Take time to answer this question first. It might look like a simple question. But when you think about it, you can understand that it is not.

You should know about the product that you are going to review. A review blog should be honest and authentic. The reviewer should have used that product personally. Only then can he/she know about the pros and cons. This is the perfect way to write a positive review. You should have a legitimate interest in the area, and only then can you write a useful review. If you are not interested in a product, you won’t have fun while using it, and your review will suck. So, take time to find a niche that you will enjoy writing reviews about. However, you can review a lot of things without settling on a niche area.

  • Select a Memorable Name for your Website and Domain!

After you have decided on the niche that you are going to review about, select a domain name. Take care to buy a domain name that can stick to the minds of people. It should be memorable and straightforward, then go with the right hosting provider. That is it!

  • It is time for Installing WordPress!

This step involves the installation of WordPress. Your hosting provider will give you guidelines for installing WordPress. The process is straightforward and straightforward. Many online sites will explain to you how to install WordPress if you face any difficulties. Make use of them and finish the installation. Then you have to choose a theme for your site. You can select themes from developers like ThemeIsle and MyThemeShop.

  • Start Publishing your Product Reviews!

You have installed WordPress and selected a theme. Now it is time to start writing your reviews. Pick an angle for your review blog. Are you going to compare various products belonging to the same category? Is it going to be a list of top 5 products? Are you just going to discuss a single product? Decide what you would like to do and then write the review. Adding pictures and videos will give an edge to your report. Let your review be written simply so that the readers can understand easily. You have to list the features, specifications, pros, and cons neatly. Your readers should get a good idea about what you are trying to say.

  • Develop More Contents from Already Written Ones!

Let us assume you have written a lot of content on your website and accustomed yourself to the process. Now make use of the already written materials of your website to develop more content. Try to take maximum advantage out of the work which is already done. For example, in case you have written a review of the top 5 products, then compare them. You can make this comparison into a new article. Or you can even choose a product that you think is the best and dedicate a whole article just for that single one.

  • Attract Traffic to your Website!

Always try to provide high-quality content. If you provide quality content, you can attract enough readers. Also, if what you are providing is unique, readers will ultimately visit your site. Make use of SEO and write reviews that will be ranked high during Google search. You can even market via social media platforms to increase the traffic of your website.

  • Start Earning Money from your Review Blog!

The first and foremost requirement to earn money through a blog is to offer quality content. You should create a stable audience that will come to your site often. This will help you to earn money through affiliate marketing, AdSense, direct advertisements, and sponsored content. Mostly you will be providing links to the products that you are reviewing to the readers. You can make a commission each time a reader buys the product by clicking that link. Sweet, right!

We hope we have given you the steps to start your review blog. Follow them and earn more money through your site than you have ever dreamt of!

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