Golf Course Attire: What You Should Wear on the Golf Course

Everyone knows that there is a specific way they must dress when playing a sport. For sports like basketball and soccer, you normally opt for a t-shirt and some mesh shorts. But when it comes to playing golf there is a special set of rules for your golf course attire.

First-time golfers may be completely lost when it comes to choosing what to wear especially if you will be playing at a country club or fancy golf course.

Following golf clothing etiquette is a must so keep reading for our guide to find out what you should wear on the golf course.

Collared Polo Shirt 

When trying to decide on what you should wear to go golfing your first priority will be your shirt. This is what will make you look the most put together. The number one rule when it comes to golf shirts is that they have a collar.

In most places, during the summer you will opt for a short-sleeve polo shirt when golfing. If you’re golfing closer to fall, then you may want a long-sleeve polo shirt but it must have a collar.

You also have a bit of leeway when it comes to the material of your shirt as you can decide what is most comfortable for you. If it is hot out and you tend to sweat a lot, then you may opt for a synthetic material because it can help your sweat to evaporate which will keep you dry and cool.

Sweater or Jacket

Sometimes you may want to bring an extra layer with you when you head out to play golf. This is because the mornings can be quite cold but as the day goes on it will start to warm up. You may even want to play golf in the colder season so make sure you’re prepared.

To cover up you can wear a windbreaker, sweater, or vest. This will help you break the chill especially in the mornings or during fall. Layering is a popular option and will look great on the golf course.

You never want to wear a hoodie or heavy winter jacket when golfing. This looks frumpy and would be frowned upon by many other golfers.

Shorts or Slacks

When it comes to choosing which bottoms to wear you need to think about what will look nice. Slacks are the easiest option to go with but you may also want to wear shorts since it can be hot on the golf course.

Your shorts or slacks must have belt loops so you can wear a belt as well. Don’t wear any bottoms that have drawstrings or look like something you would wear in the gym as this is not appropriate attire.

You will also want to make sure that your shorts or slacks are a neutral color. Look for cream, beige, khaki or tan bottoms. Some golfers like to be a bit more flashy and go with pink bottoms but when you’re just starting out you will want to stay neutral.

Always Wear a Belt

As we mentioned above you’re going to want your shorts or slacks to have belt loops so you can wear a belt! Wearing a belt is very important because it makes you look put together and holds your pants up when golfing.

You can find the best golf belt that fits your golfing attire. Try matching your belt to your bottoms or even pick out a color in your shoes for it to match to.

Make sure that you find the most comfortable belt when deciding on your outfit. You want the belt to be able to move with you especially when you’re making that perfect swing.

Golf Shoes

There are three different kinds of golf shoes out there. The first is golf shoes with steel spikes and these are the ones you want to avoid. Steel spikes are usually used by professionals and are band at most golf courses.

What you should opt for is golf shoes with soft spikes which are usually made from plastic or rubber. These are the most popular type of golf shoe and they don’t tear up the greens.

Your third option is a spikeless golf shoe but this isn’t just your regular tennis shoe. Spikeless golf shoes have tons of small rubber studs and are mostly used by people who find walking with spiked shoes difficult.


Socks are another important element of your golf attire that you may not have thought of. Especially if you’re wearing shorts you should choose white socks that go near or above your ankles.


Hats on the golf course are optional but are very important to help you with sun protection. If you wear a baseball cap, then you must make sure that it is turned forward. You can also wear a visor, a straw hat, or bucket hat.

When golfing in super cold temperatures you can wear a beanie but most of the time you should avoid wearing any winter hats out on the course. You should also avoid wearing a cowboy hat or fedora as these are not appropriate for golf attire.

Golf Glove

When it comes to gloves for golf you will only need one. If you wear two golf gloves you will look like a total beginner! The golf glove is worn on your non-dominate hand so right-handed people would wear a golf glove on their left hand.

A golf glove isn’t mandatory but if you continue golfing for a while you may want to invest in one. Try and find the right size and fit for your hand. Wearing a golf glove will help you grip your club better when it comes to achieving that perfect swing.

The Perfect Golf Course Attire

Don’t let finding the perfect golf course attire intimidate you! There are plenty of people who didn’t know where to start either and now they fit right in with everyone else. So choose an outfit, get out there, and have fun.

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