Pros and cons of having eBooks

A lot of people blame technology while our younger generations findit inevitable. Which it is. In my opinion every new thing which is discovered or invented in this world has got its own significance and denying it can cost us. 

eBooks is the acronym of electronic books. It means that you need to have a smart device with you for reading an Ebooks and Manuals.In this article I have come up with some facts about eBooks. 

I have been reading some eBooks, now although I did not admire this technology but being a frequent reader of eBook. I have decided to give you people a glimpse about the pros and cons of eBooks. 

Book reading is important, but now a days there are several factors which has made book reading task. I believe eBook reading has made our lives very easy in terms of the flow of information. Along with it there are various other reasons why you must choose eBooks, it is certainly a situational thing but still for many age groups I think books reading are essential and most of the time Useful Ebooks are the only option left but still there are situations where they are not a very good option. 

  1. eBooks are instant 

You can have your eBook whenever you want. You do not have to wait for the right time place or the availability of the book. Sometime these books are downloaded din your mobile phone, thus your phone’s battery is the only thing which can stop you from reading a book. 

  1. No need to travel 

You do not need to go to some libraries, now digital online libraries have got all the books for you. you must not think of giving excuses when your parents’ and teachers know that there are books available in your mobile phone. 

  1. Easy to carry 

Unlike norm al books you do not need to carry heavy books all around. Open your book in your tab and mobile phones. You are free to go for the read. 

In lectures, colleges or seminars wherever you are you can have tens of books with you without feeling the burden. It will depend upon the space in your mobile phone. 

  1. Word search 

Have you ever opened a book in your mobile? There on the top right corner you will see an option for word search. This is the best thing for students and researchers. You just need to enter the word and your smart device will eventually show you areas and paragraphs where that word is present. 

  1. No late fee fine 

When you have got eBooks, you can have those books for ages. No one is going to ask you to return them back. No need to pay any bucks. 

You are free to enjoy the books. Even if you are getting them forma n ELibrary you just must subscribe for the package. 

  1. Affordability 

Many research papers and ebooks of older versions are free on the internet. If you will go to a book shop for buying those books you must be paying some money. In case of old editions of eBooks, there are no price tags.

  1. No space 

eBooks are not going to cover space, does not matter if you have got 1000 eBooks, you will still have space at your shelves. No need to build or design your shelves now. 

Cons of eBooks

  • Eyesight 

Reading eBooks without glasses can be dangerous. Your eyesight will be highly affected. Many children and specially researchers have felt this change and that is why constant exposure to screen is not recommended. 

  • A lot of distractions 

If you have got your mobile phone or laptop for reading books. Then I do not think that you can concentrate for more than 15 mins. There are several notifications which will flood in, ads and promotions will also cover your screens to distract you. 

Even if you have turned off your internet connection you will still receive messages on your network. It is inevitable if you cannot bear any disturbance then you must turn on the airplane mode. Otherwise eBooks may not be of any help to you.

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