What is the Most Common Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen on the roads, not just in Illinois but throughout the country. Whether it’s driving while under stress or emotional, allowing distractions to get in the way or worse such as not obeying traffic signs or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All of these can, and often do, lead to motor vehicle accidents that can cause a wide range of injuries from minor to major and sadly, death.

There are some causes of car accidents that happen more frequently than others and contribute to car accident statistics. For instance, animals crossing the road and illegal street races account for far fewer road accidents than tired or otherwise distracted drivers. There are also differences from state to state, where some causes are very common in one location but almost non-existent in another. A good example of this is the accidents caused by a heavy buildup of snow or thick layers of ice on the roads.

In Chicago and Illinois, the biggest cause of the most serious car accidents according to figures is drivers who don’t stick to their lanes, whether it’s caused by drunk or drug driving or simply being distracted or tired while behind the wheel.

Other Main Causes of Car Road Accidents

While it’s true the greatest number of fatalities in the state is caused by drivers swerving between lanes, they are not the only dangerous drivers on the road throughout Illinois. For example, speeding accounts for a large percentage of the total of car accidents, as does icy and snow-covered roads during winter.

Interestingly, you are less likely to be involved in a car accident involving drunk driving in Chicago or Illinois, as this normally ranks around the middle of the rankings when you look at the causes for speeding. Illinois is one of the safest places to drive in the country.

When You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

That does not mean it won’t ever happen, and if the unfortunate occurs and you are involved in a road accident, the most important thing you need to remember is to be calm. As calm as you can in the situation. If you can, you need to leave the vehicle you are in and check the passengers (or if you were a passenger, the driver) involved. Call 911 immediately if anyone needs emergency medical assistance.

Safety comes first, obviously. The next stage is to call for a police officer so they can fill out a report and remember to exchange contact and insurance details with other drivers involved. It is also important to get the details of witnesses to the accident too, along with the officer. 

Once you have received any medical attention and care, you then need to contact a reputable and qualified personal injury lawyer to find out if you have a case to make a claim. No-one wants to be involved in an accident, and hopefully, by heeding the statistics and avoiding the main causes, you’ll not have the same problem as many drivers. If you do though, you know the steps you need to take.

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