Are you here for learning about how to cut your own hair for black men? Well, black men’s hair is rare from other types of hair. Clearly, it requires many efforts to cut or styling hair in accurate way. Believe it or not, the hairstylist has many hard times to cut it rightly.

However, there are some effective ways of cutting African type hair. It may require some practice and knowledge to cut like an expert barber that gives a satisfying hairstyle.

Let’s get started with some simple steps to cut hair like a pro:


Find Proper tool

Let me say this straight, your first step to start the hair cutting process is to find proper stuff. You have to choose the right tools carefully for having to cut faultlessly. For instance you can check the best electric shavers for black men reviewed by malesensepro decide which one matches well with your needs.

It is necessary to have the proper stuff like comb, clips and blow dryer for cutting your hair. You may need some blades or cutters to give your hair a perfect shape that goes with your choice.

So, it needed to be check that the cutter you are using is sharp enough to cut your 4c hair. Plus, try to get some extra clippers in case you may need for cutting your hair smoothly. It gets better if you don’t care about the price tag of the required stuff that you’ll need.

Arrange Your Workplace

Now, you have to wash your hair with a caring shampoo and conditioner for clearing the dirt and sweats. The simple truth is dirt-free hairs are easier to cut or style than an unclean hair that supports for avoiding clogged in while cutting.

After washing, you have to dry your hair with a towel and hairbrush for getting rid of tangles. The next step is to get a place that is suitable for cutting hair. It would be better if you style your hair in the bathroom or garden for not making any mistake.

Now, you have to arrange the whole thing that will work on haircutting. Make sure to check the clipper’s workability before getting started as you don’t want your hair to get bald at first stroke.

Dealing with Top Part

No wonder, the crown part of your hair needs extra attention for getting a perfect cut. Why? The top part of your hair is sensitive for cutting in short buzz as it is the main focus of your hair. It may require cutting hair lightly and slowly for avoiding uneven hair cut.

For that reason, you need to carefully cut this part of your hair gently. Try to start cutting your curly hair in front to back position for safe haircut.

Don’t Forget the Sides Cut

After dealing with your top part, you have to go for your side cuts. To begin with, you need to put a little effort to get a perfect side cut as this part is a bit difficult to style. It requires some ear trapper that comes with the clipper stuff to cut at ease.

Also, you have to go slower and play it safe for getting perfect side cuts. A naked blade can be used for cutting this type of hair. However, you just have to go slower and have to use special combs for avoiding injuries or damages.

Gradually Cut Hair from Back Part

Like everything else, you have to cut the back of your hair to get a perfect African-American hairstyle. It also needs some attention for not making any mistake in the hair. You need a small mirror for checking the back part of your hair.

The better thing to do before cutting is to measure how much you are cutting for not regretting it. If you take small cuts, it may take some time but will not ruin the back of your hair layer. For that reason, try to take small cuts by holding the small mirror in one hand to checking the layer if it’s okay or not.

Go for the Neckline and Sideburns

Now it’s time for the neckline and sideburns to get proper cut. Let’s be honest, the neckline and sideburns are the most noticeable part that requires a stylish cut. It may seem weird, but it’s true that people judge your hair good or bad by looking at these.

The neckline template will do the job done for ideal neckline clipping. For that reason, make sure to get it as the neckline template is super convenient and available in any shop. You can also use a belt for finding the perfect neckline shape for better clipping.

But wait there’s more as you have to put your finger to cut slowly while holding a small mirror in one hand for making no mistake. It would be better if you trim your sideburns matching with your top part for giving a more natural vibe.

Finish off with Styling

After completing your top, sides and neckline trimming, you have to go for another hair washing for getting rid of excess hair. It would be better if you put some hair conditioner to give your hair more motorizing effect.

Now, dry your hair to see what your hair looks like. By doing this, you can find any small problem of your hair to quickly resolve it before going outside. A small tip is to watch some videos on YouTube to get better ideas on how to cut your own hair black men.


Let’s be honest, the black men’s haircutting is not that hard if putting effort and practice. A novice has to learn about these steps to cut hair in right way. Also, their hair has different shapes and surfaces from other hair types.

For that reason, one has to learn basic knowledge about cutting this type of hair. Make sure to search in Google to get some video to understand the cutting rightly.

Hope this guide helped you for giving ideas on how to cut your own hair black men in right way and hope it works for you. Good luck!

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  1. Let’s be honest, the black men’s haircutting is not that hard if putting effort and practice. A novice has to learn about these steps to cut hair in right way. Also, their hair has different shapes and surfaces from other hair types.

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