Handsome Habibi

Handsome Habibi Summon Attention With “The Whistle”

The curiously titled Handsome Habibi have a brand new sound out ready to hook your ears around. This act is releasing on UK label Insanity Records and they are otherwise known as Karl vF and Cinco Mil.

Their solid background features production on tracks by artists like The Chainsmokers and Zara Larsson, and they thrill with “The Whistle.” An exciting dance beat wraps its way around a pounding vocal and that infectious whistle sample. Meanwhile, the video (directed by Titouan Harel and Clement Chasseray) adds another dimension.

Handsome Habibi says: “Although born in a futuristic Utopia in outer space, Handsome Habibi identify as human beings. On a recent time-travelling trip in search of their missing sister Mon Amina, they encountered technical problems onboard their space glider that led them to emergency land in London in the year 2019.”  

Listen now.

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