Five essential design tips to consider for customizing lanyards

When you are looking to customize lanyards for your office and organization use then you have several choices. However, depending on your choice there are other parameters that you need to consider regarding the design of the lanyard. The following post is all about the design tips that you will need while brainstorming for customizing lanyards. For all your lanyard related queries visit

The sizing issue

First and foremost, you need to think about the overlay of the design. This might be the logo or the brand motto in your case. Whatever be the case, you need to understand that there is limited space available. So, the dimension constraints for the lanyard are the obvious first consideration. You can have sizes that include the 5/8, 3/4 or 1-inch dimensions for the lanyard. Resizing is always a difficult ask, so make sure you are precise before sending in your design.

Keep the design simple

Keep in mind that there are various big-shots who have kept it simple over the years and that have worked wonders for their branding and visibility. Google and Apple are some of the noteworthy mentions. When you keep it straightforward and simple with respect to the design and the branding then it not only increases visibility but also enables the customer to easily recall. However, a word of working, simple doesn’t really mean plain – there has to be some sort of a catch to even the most simplistic of designs.

Don’t overuse the fonts

There are some really outlandish fonts available when you are looking for one for the texts. However, don’t go for the overcomplicated just for the sake of it. If you are looking for a polished design and outlook then you need readable text and never use more than a couple of different fonts for the 4inlanyards. You can use different typefaces if you have a highlight the slogan or the logo of the organization better.

About the use of colors

Basic color schemes are always welcome as they are easily readable even from a distance. However, there are a few choices in this regard. You can choose between a plethora of available options that include the monochromes, complementary, triadic and analogous. Each has its own sets of pros. So, while you are brainstorming, try out different color combination for the best effect. It is all about figuring out what exactly you would like the lanyard to communicate. You can use different color schemes to aid customers better with respect to the employee lanyards. However, all you need to do is remember the fact that nylon or polyester lanyard materials will add a bit of shine to the final color.

Contrast is a versatile tool

Any drab design can be made to look exciting and readable with a bit of contrast editing and magic. Lanyard is a limited and very restricted space, so if you are looking to make your brand or motto visible you need contrast more than any other factor. If the text is lighter with a darker background then the lettering becomes sharper and visible even from a distance. You can even go for the translucent overlay to make your text or brand logo stand out even in dim light conditions.

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