A look at five wedding photography styles

Wedding photographers can explore their artistic freedom but not without seeking inspiration from others. As a result, wedding photographers have specific styles. You must be aware of that when you type a query on the internet professional photographer near me.’ Every photographer has distinct styles to photographers based on the occasion. These do not exist within watertight compartments but often blend with other styles to create a style that the photographer considers his or her own. However, you must understand the styles very well to create your style if you are ambitious about becoming a wedding photographer. The knowledge is also helpful for those who are searching for a wedding photographer who can meet their expectations.

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional shots like group shots of the couple with the family members, shots of wine toasting and cake cutting, and the first kiss of the couple are part of the traditional style in wedding photography. The style captures the customs and rituals of the ceremony with the idea of documenting the flow of events in sequential order. Photographers have practiced the style for decades. It is one of the best ways to capture the ‘key shots’ as they direct their clients to pose for the most authentic planned shot.

Photojournalistic style

This style of wedding photography is a blend of the traditional with the style of a photojournalist keen on documentary shooting and reportage by taking a more informal approach to capturing the events. Since a lot of shots are impromptu and require a lot of creativity, photographers must have the skill of aiming quickly to capture the moments that crop up suddenly. The alertness of photographers and their creative instincts to sport the right moments are vital to succeed in this type of photography.

Illustrative style

Illustrative wedding photography style emphasizes the composition, lighting, and background and most chosen for pre-nuptial photoshoot sessions. Creating a beautiful image of the couple that often looks surreal as they pose candidly is the goal of this kind of photography. It makes an exciting blend of traditional wedding photography and the photojournalistic style. Photographers skilled in landscape photography and conversant in aerial photography and use of a wide-angle lens will find it easy to adapt the illustrative style.

Natural wedding photography

Whether taking photos outdoor or indoor, natural wedding photography makes use of natural light only instead of depending on artificial light sources. This type of photography is best for outdoor shooting to capture the couple at their best against the backdrop of sunrise or sunset. It is also suitable for any other time of the day when the light is moderate enough to produce soft images with minimal or no shadows to obstruct the faces of the subjects.

Fine art wedding photography

Creating artistic frames with special kinds of composition and lighting, as well as post-production techniques, are the hallmarks of fine art wedding photography. It does not involve any posing. However, photographers create their composition by changing the posture of the subjects slightly and adding or removing bouquets, rings, candles, etc.

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