Roomba review & my experience with Roomba vacuum after one year of use

If you are looking for the most simple yet efficient way to have clean floor and carpet in your home without having to be constantly vacuuming all over the place, or if you’re already considering to buy one of these Irobots, than I’m happy you found this Roomba review page and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

Because this is my unbiased review and uncensored story about my experience with our robotic vacuum. I own Roomba 980for a year now and I feel I can answer some questions regarding its functioning, which is in fact quite simple. My friends are constantly asking me about it, so I’ll be telling you what I told them. Plus I read several Roomba reviews and vacuum reviews, I especially paid attention to most common questions and gathered the answers to help you decide pro or against if you intend to buy Roomba.

There are literally millions of women out there who just can’t relax when they have a dirty home – I am one of them. I have two small kids, and most of you who have kids will know what that means: when they come home and take off their shoes, the sand from sandbox fills the doorway. They sit in the dining room for dinner and bread-crumbs keep falling under the table, later on, when they sneak a biscuit into the living room, we have the same story on the couch and carpet.

Before I got my vacuum, I was constantly dragging my old vacuum cleaner out of the closet and I can not tell you, how sick and tired I was of doing that. It’s not that I hate vacuuming or that I’m obsessed with cleaning, but with two small kids it just never ends! I was so fed up with it, that it made me quite frustrated. I can’t even imagine how it would be if we had another pet or two.

So, one day my husband surprised me and bought us Roomba. I have to admit that I was checking on robotic vacuums for a while, but couldn’t afford it myself although they were not expensive. But, when he brought it home, I wasn’t so thrilled, rather skeptical, how useful it would truly be.

Luckily it turned out that my fears didn’t come true. In time we got more and more used to our robotic vacuum. I felt relieved to have a clean floor and carpets without constant hand vacuuming and the other family members had a break from my moaning about it.

My husband scheduled our automatic vacuum to clean our home when we are away. Coming back each day from work and kindergarten into a clean apartment is such a relief for us all! Actually, the suction is way better than I imagined it would be and it’s great for getting the dust bunnies under the couch and the bed.

So, after the first month, we became quite attached to it, and now I can say that I absolutely love it. OK, I admit it. I am hooked. I feel that I am finally getting the maid I’ve always wanted and deserved in all these years.

As I said, I have read a lot of reviews and other material about robotic vacuuming and paid attention to the most common questions people have regarding it. I made a list of pluses and cons to help you decide whether it’s worth buying:


  • We love scheduler and that it cleanses our home when we are away.

  • The suction is way better than I imagined it would be. It gets up more dirt than any other vacuum that I have ever owned. In fact, when it is done you can certainly tell your carpets and floors have been freshly vacuumed. I was actually thrilled with the results!

  • We have hardwood and laminate floors and there is no damage to the floors.

  • My vacuum has been used almost daily for the last 12 months and is still working perfectly, knock on wood.

  • It’s very true that they get the dust bunnies under the couch and the bed.

  • I have stairs, and it has never fallen over the edge.

  • It has AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter.


  • We don’t use robot vacuum when we are sleeping or watching TV. I think that it would disturb us and that it prefers to work in an empty apartment. That’s why we set our robotic to go while we are away from home or simply move it to the area that I want cleaning. But I have read a lot of comments in which people are saying that they have it scheduled to work at nights.

To conclude: there is something about having a clean house and a clean carpet that allows me to relax. Our Roomba helps me a great deal with that and that’s why for me it’s by far the most awesome invention we ever bought.

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