Lock the Door! 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Business’s Security

In 2016, nearly 9 percent of all small businesses were burglarized, according to Insureon, an insurance company.

Is your business as secure as it could be? Or is it time for you to reevaluate the measures you have taken to protect your business from criminals.

Read on learn these simple tips you should be considering during your evaluation.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Security

How much security is needed at a business varies greatly. It depends on the type of business and what is stored on your premises. But no matter what type of security you need, you need to have it in place before someone comes to try to steal from your business.

Take a look at these simple tips on ways to make your business more secure. 

  1. Install Electronic Surveillance

Closed-circuit television surveillance cameras make sense for small business security. They are a cost-effect way to monitor your premises. They can be set up so they can be monitored on-site or remotely.

  1. Install Alarms

Install an alarm that will sound whenever an intruder enters an area they aren’t meant to be. This could be the perimeter of your building, certain offices or storage areas, or anywhere else that you don’t want people going – even some employees who shouldn’t have access to what’s inside.

If you store work trucks or inventory on your premises outside of your building, you may need a perimeter alarm system as well.

  1. Increase Visibility

Criminals love areas where they can hide or that makes it harder to identify them as someone who shouldn’t be on your premises. Use lights to lights to brighten up the areas around doors. Also add lights to any dark areas or spots inside and outside your buildings that might be blocked by inventory, shelving or landscaping.

Cut back any trees, shrubs or hedges that limit your view. Keep your landscaping tidy so criminals know you care and regularly inspect your premises.

Add motions lights to any areas that don’t require constant lighting but will light up the area if someone passes by. This will provide security to you and your employees when you’re walking around but it will also help your cameras take better footage of intruders.

  1. Hire a Security Guard

If your business is located in an area prone to break-ins or your business has a lot of expensive inventory, trade secrets or technology, consider hiring for building security to stay on-site (during business hours or around the clock). If on-site security isn’t within your budget, consider a security service that can do regular drive-by inspections during off-hours.

  1. Secure Doors, Keys and Gates

Install a security gate that automatically closes and can’t be open or closed without you or your employees activating it.

Consider using a keyless entry system or high tech keys to keep your building secure. You can get high tech keys that can’t be duplicated by anyone other than an authorized distributor like The Bronx Locksmith.

Track who you give keys to and remember to have them relinquished when an employee leaves your employ. Be selective in who you give keys to. It might be likely that all your employees don’t need access to every door.

If you use a password system to give people access to sensitive areas, remember to change the password frequently or whenever someone who had access is no longer working for you.

Take Steps to Secure Your Business Today

Now that you’re aware of these simple tips to increase the security of your business, don’t put your security on the backburner. Take action to protect your business today.

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