Unblock any Application with this Chromecast VPN

The world is in the midst of a continuous digital revolution. With new ways to stream online content across devices coming up regularly, users have a lot of options to enjoy high-definition content in a variety of places. The Chromecast is one such device that enhances the digital viewership and smartphone usage experience considerably.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a versatile product from Google. On the surface it is just a dongle that fits into your television set but its applications go way beyond that of just a simple plug-in device. The Chromecast was originally designed to allow users to stream videos and pictures from their personal computer or laptop to the TV but with latest versions, that functionality has been enhanced.

Plugging the Chromecast into your normal TV will transform it into a sort of Smart television set. It also allows users to mirror their laptop or tablet on their TV. With latest versions, the same can also be done for Android phones. Although it is powered by Google, the adapter will support streams from any device that has the Chrome browser and an extension installed on it.

How does it work?

The Chromecast is a plug and play device. It is in the shape of a dongle that fits into the TV’s HDMI slot and then plugs into any other USB device, even the television easily. In the box there is a cable extender, instructions manual and there is also a power brick which is often not of any use. In order to use Chromecast, all you have to do is plug it into the TV and set-up begins automatically.

Follow the instructions given and the most it should take you is 2, 3 minutes to have the device up and running. It comes with a dedicated app for mobile or other devices. This application helps set up the device and then play various content from the phone or laptop. It can also stream content from third party sites like Netflix etc.

Why you need Chromecast?

Chromecast is all about that ultra-high definition viewing experience that most of us crave when it comes to watching digital content. When streaming shows, movies or even normal videos, most users want the ease of having it stream directly on their TV because of the bigger screen. This completely transforms the whole idea of watching things online.

Moreover, Chromecast is not just a device to help you play content off your mobile device. There are other features that make it even more interesting. It supports a wide range of applications which mean that you are not sending data from the mobile device to the TV but it directly playing off the cloud on your TV. You can use it to mirror almost any device that has a Chrome browser be it iOS or other platforms.

Chromecast with a VPN: A perfect combination

The plug-and-play device from Google is amazing but since it supports content over the internet, it is one of the things which are susceptible to cyberattacks. Also, Chromecast applications come with geographic restrictions so not ever service is available in all regions. This is a shame considering Chromecast is such an amazing device in itself.

If you face content restrictions while using Chromecast, then Ivacy VPN is the service for you. The Virtual Private Network has more than 1000 servers in 100 different countries. This means that whatever website, service or content you are trying to reach is accessible in a few simple steps. Also, with the VPN running, you can rest assured that the data traffic remains anonymous across all devices.


Chromecast is an amazing device. It needs setting up only once and when you connect it to the wi-fi connection, it can cast content off any device that is on the same network. However, it is important to use the service with a VPN. For more information on Chromecast VPN, follow the link.

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