INTERVIEW: Behind Closed Doors Film Series

Hi Tamika & Kim, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We have been great.  Very busy with the series but great.

How were you drawn into the world of cinema?

(Kim) I always wanted to create and direct a film.

(Tamika) In early years in school I wrote a play and always wanted to write a script for TV.  It was a fun way to escape.

Being both a filmmaker and a producer – how do you feed off each other’s ideas?

We bounce ideas off each other all the time.  One of us may start speaking a small thought out loud and the other person will finish the thought and put it into play.  That’s how we developed our characters.

Speaking of production, let’s talk about Behind Closed Doors – how did you jump into this project?

The project started as a small short film for a Women’s Conference about domestic violence and the film only focused on 2 sisters raised in a domestic violent home.  We didn’t get a chance to complete the film due to a family death.  A couple of months later Kim said ,“I really want to do this film; let’s make it into a series so we can touch on other experiences other than just domestic violence.”

What was the thing that caught your attention the most about the film series?

The diversity and complexity of the characters.  Each character’s story is unique and touches on some real situations that a lot of homes don’t discuss.  They treat it as taboo.

This being such a hot topic – how did you go on measuring how dark you would deep dive into this project or you guys went full in on the uncensored realm?

We went full in on the uncensored realm.  We wanted to project the realism of the traumatic experiences witnessed by children and how these experiences can truly affect them for the positive or negative.

Why did you choose to go with a coffee shop for the point of reunion for these characters?

Coffee shops represent the present and togetherness.  They are warm, cozy and friendly.  The friends meeting up there was a great way to let the viewers know that we are in present times amongst friends.

What was the casting process like?

The casting process was fairly easy this season because we already knew based on certain personalities who we wanted to portray specific characters.

What were you looking forward the most?

We are looking forward to seeing the series come to life and see how the viewers will react to the series.

The show also features some humor – how did you go on balancing the heavy drama with the comedy in a way one didn’t step unto each other’s toes?

A lot of drama is real life and our characters in some ways deal with it in comical ways.  We have a serious but very goofy cast.  We allowed them to be themselves along with portraying the stories of the characters.  You can’t always let your past dictate your future.

What would you call the most challenging aspect of this film?

The most challenging part is editing because I want to make sure that I portray the story the way Tamika and myself envisioned the project.

When and where can people catch the series?

We are having our Red Carpet Premiere of the 1st two episodes November 15, 2019 in Dallas, TX.  We will aire the week of Thanksgiving on The ON! Channel.  (Streaming network channel) that’s available on all mobile apps and devices.  Subscribe at

What else is happening next in your world?

We are already thinking of Season 2 characters and how their stories will unravel.  We also have been given the opportunity to film and direct a music video.

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