Facing A Problem When Taking Screenshot?

Facing a problem when you take a screenshot on smartphones is a common issue that many people face nowadays. It seems a small issue, but it isn’t. Screenshots are taken to capture vital and essential images of your phone screen right at the time. People take screenshots to collaborate with their colleagues, to demonstrate how to perform a task, or to show what exactly is happening. In this article, you will find what to do if you fail to take a screenshot. Let discuss the reasons for this failure.

Reasons for Screenshot Failure 

There are many reasons due to which you couldn’t take a successful screenshot. Here are these reasons:

Limited storage space

If you have low storage on your mobile, it won’t allow you to take a screenshot. How will you know you have limited storage? A message will appear on your screen saying: “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage…” This will assure you that you have low storage problem.


You can solve this issue with two methods.

First, restart your mobile and then try to take a screenshot.

Second, if restarting doesn’t work, install “ES File Explorer File Manager” in your mobile.

  1. Go to the app store.

  2. Search for “ES File Explorer File Manager”.

  3. Tap on install button.

  4. Open it and go to Internal Storage.

  5. Locate the “Pictures” folder and rename it with “Pictures2”.

  6. Take a screenshot. You will find it in the “Pictures2” folder.

Due to security policy

Security policy issue occurs when you will be using incognito mode on Chrome. An incognito mode cannot allow you take screenshot of incognito page. A message will appear on your screen for 2 seconds that will say, “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy.”


You need to close the incognito mode tabs to take a screenshot. You can close it by following below instructions:

  1. Tap on the icon on top right corner displaying the number of tabs that are open at the moment.

  2. Close the incognito tab by tapping on the x icon on the top right corner.

  3. Open the required page in regular mode and take the necessary screenshot.

Wrong method to capture a screenshot

Several mobile companies manufacture several types of smartphones. Each has a different way to capture a screenshot. If you bought a new mobile, it might have a different method to take a screenshot than your older one.


The standard buttons that are used to take a screenshot are Volume UpVolume Down, and Power buttonMany mobiles have a Home button that can also be used to take a screenshot. Here is the list of combinations of above keys that can help you take a screenshot:

  • Press the Volume Down button with the Power button.

  • Press the Volume Down key with the Home button.

  • Press the Volume Up button with the Power button.

  • Press the Volume Up button with the Home button.

  • Press the Power button with the Home button.

Google Assistant fails to take Screenshot

If you are using google assistant to take a screenshot but fail, it is because you have not enabled it. If you have, you have to restart the Assistant.


To enable the google assistant to take a screenshot, you have to follow the below instructions.

Open Google Assistant.

  1. Tap on the right top button. Add a google account if you have not already.

  2. Tap on

  3. Under the assistant tab, tap on the Phone option. 

  4. Restart the Assistant by turning Google Assistant toggle off and then on.


Taking a screenshot is an easy task. If you are going through any trouble while taking one, go through the above problems and their solution to take a screenshot successfully. Still no luck? The last option is to reset your mobile. You can factory reset your mobile settings to resolve this problem.

Warning: Take a backup of your contact numbers, photos, videos, and other relevant data before resetting.

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