Ten reasons to use electric bikes

It is no surprise that electric bikes are growing in popularity. Technology advances, prices go down and the bike’s drawback of a bicycle, pedaling, is no longer so imperative.

What began as a small niche market is already a trend, in Germany already circulating 2.5 million electric bicycles. In Madrid, the municipal rental system has about 2,000 and more and more engines applicable to traditional bicycles are sold. But now there are too many companies that provide you the electric bikes on rent or for a tour, like if you are from the Las Vegas and want to visit Red Rock Canyon then ezridelv is the best place for you, It provides you the Las Vegas Red rock electric bike tours in cheap rates, but now these are 10 reasons that explain the success of electric bikes

  1. The benefits for the environment:

We could not start a list of the advantages of the electric bicycle if it were not. The preferred means of transport for those who are aware of their carbon footprint, the electric bicycle combines two characteristics that are becoming increasingly important: technology and emission reduction.

  1. The slopes:

We have all thrown ourselves, with greater or lesser success, downhill with a bicycle. The ecstasy of the speed, the adrenaline, the wind buzzing in the ears, see how the speed increases without having to make more effort than increasing the aerodynamics … Rejoicing that quickly decays when discovering that everything that goes down has to go up after. With electric motors, the slopes are less impressive.

  1. It also sweats:

The fact that an electric motor helps us does not mean that we will never pedal again. Each cyclist has the possibility to decide to what degree he is involved in the propulsion. Users of electric bicycles use them three times more frequently – and for longer distances – than conventional ones that are collecting dust in storage rooms.

  1. Another way to go to work:

The electric bike is perfect for journeys of less than 10 kilometers, traveling quickly and without sweating too much. They offer the possibility of exercising while enjoying the breeze on the face and without jams. Several companies offer subsidies to their workers per kilometer traveled by bicycle.

  1. Tires less hurt less:

Electric assistance means that our muscles do not have to exert more effort on the bill, and the load on the knees and ligaments is less. Therefore, people who have not exercised in a long time or who are in rehabilitation for injuries are the perfect users to get in shape with them.

  1. Level the playing field:

Electric bicycles are like guns: physical inequalities are supplemented by mechanics. The engines make the differences in the performance of cyclists not so decisive in joint excursions and ensure that the rhythms are comparable. The wait for the last lack of bellows is over.

  1. Affordable:

The expense of a car is considerable. Not only the price of the vehicle itself but maintenance, fuel, insurance, taxes, parking meters … Expenses that do not exist with electric bicycles, whose maintenance is simple -and fun-. It is estimated that the cost per 100 km of a bicycle is 0.25 euros.

  1. Absolute mobility:

Many times the journeys are limited by our vehicle. “And what do I do with the car?”, We have asked ourselves many times drivers when we are presented with a plan that appeals to us. Bicycles are allowed on public transport and can stop by unconventional routes. The drivers will look with envy as we cross a park while they advance meters in a traffic jam.

  1. One for every taste:

The market is constantly developing new models of electric bicycles for any need. Either a small help for steep slopes or an extreme model capable of reaching 90 kilometers per hour; A quiet walk or an off-road route with jumps, we will find one that suits us.

  1. It’s Fun:

Since its invention, the bicycle has been one of the most popular vehicles for any age. And it is undeniable, it is fun. A vehicle that is practically the least possible mechanical expression, which allows the cyclist to feel total control over it. Many smiles have been in the saddle, and see that overtaking is fast and effortless, see that the slopes do not make you lose breathing, noticing the thrust of the electric hum in the wheel or seeing that you are faster than cars inside the city just consolidate the bike like the true queen.

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