What’s the Best Genre of Music to Set the Mood?

The bedroom playlist is essential. It’s the difference between getting your partner in the mood for a little “Bump N’ Grind” — or having them decline your advances with a cutting “Thank U, Next”. But what is the best genre of music to set the mood? We explore everything from country to technical death metal to give you the low-down on the sauciest sounds for the bedroom.


It’s not surprising that R&B was voted the sexiest genre of music in a survey conducted by Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. The survey of 2000 people found R&B was the most played genre of music in British bedrooms, with 16% of people choosing it as their go-to genre when things get saucy.

If you’ve got an R&B love making playlist, we can almost guarantee you have Bryson Tiller, The Weekend, or Chris Brown on there. Their velvety smooth vocals and R-rated lyrics set the ambience in a way that that get all kinds of juices flowing.

However, that doesn’t mean other genres of music don’t have their place in the bedroom. For the more adventurous types looking to add some spark to their sex lives, there are some seriously underrated genres of music that you should also know about…


Even though country only ranked 15th on the list of most popular music genres for the bedroom, we believe it has the potential to add some much needed fun to the bedroom. It’s up-beat rhythms, fast tempos, and jangly instrumentation drum up so much feel-good energy that you’ll be itching to grab your partner and dance the Texas Two Step all night long.


Surprisingly, metal placed higher on the poll than both country and folk music. At 12th place, metal seems to be a hit with those who like to spice up their sex lives in unconventional (but thrilling) ways.

While the guttural vocals, screeching guitars, and pounding drums are a turn-off for most, many metalheads relish in the adrenaline-boosting (and apparently libido-boosting) sounds of metal music.

And how could you not? With song titles like Dethklok’s “I Ejaculate Fire”, it’s clear that metal is capable of stirring the deepest romantic desires within us all. And we don’t mean that ironically, either. Offbeat Bride, a blog that showcases nontraditional weddings, has a whole page dedicated to heavy metal weddings.

Mary, who had her wedding on a yacht, proudly declared “my wife and I originally met through our university’s Metal Club, it was only natural that we have a metal-themed wedding to celebrate the style of music that brought us together”.

So next time you’re feeling a little frisky, just remember: don’t judge an album by its cover. Yes, it may have blood and dismembered bodies on the front, but it may ignite a sense of passion so profound that you end up getting married because of it.


If including metal in your bedroom playlist is too daunting, perhaps you can ease yourself in (pun intended) with some rock. Rock ranked 6th on the list – just above classical and jazz. But rock’s high ranking is far from surprising, considering rock has been with synonymous with sex since the 60s.

In fact, it was a 1969 edition of Rolling Stone magazine that introduced the wider world to the phenomenon of the “rock groupie” – a female fan of a band who attempts to gain favour with band members in order to have sex with them.

Maintaining rock’s sexy reputation 39 years later, Kings of Leon released their hit “Sex on Fire” – a song, according to their frontman Caleb Followill, about “hot, hot sex that you remember for ever.” But even the firey sex lives of rockstars (and those who listen to their songs in the bedroom) can be extingused by a condition that affects 4.3 million men across the UK: erectile dysfunction.

The Kings of Leon song “Soft” explores this sensitive subject. In direct contrast to “Sex on Fire”, Followill explained “you can’t always write about the best sex you ever had – write about when you can’t get it up. Write about the times that everyone experiences but no one ever talks about”.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is, in fact, surprisingly common. A survey of 1000 men by Numan, a men’s health startup, found that 66% of the men surveyed had experienced ED at some point in their life.

For many men, ED can (understandably) be frustrating. For others, it may be disheartening. This is certainly the vibe you get from “Soft”. The lyrics “I’d pop myself in your body/I’d come into your party, but I’m soft” reflect the sense of dejection men might feel when they are unable to achieve an erection.

But fear not. Even if you happen to be experiencing ED, you can still put together a saucy bedroom playlist of epic proportions. That’s because the symptoms of ED can be treated with sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra). In a nutshell, sildenafil increases the flow of blood to the penis – resulting in harder, longer-lasting erections.

Like all medicines, though, it does have potential side-effects you should be aware of. Therefore, it’s best to speak to your doctor before taking it to ensure it’s safe for you to take.

So, if you want to rock your partner’s world, get some rock music on your bedroom playlist. Just be careful not to turn it up to 11, though – otherwise your neighbours won’t get any sleep with all the heavy thumping coming from your room (from the speakers, of course).

Avant-Garde Jazz

One of the keys to good lovemaking is rhythm. The right song can help you and your partner achieve a level of sensual synchronicity that would put most olympic synchronised swimmers to shame.

It is for this reason that you should avoid avant-garde jazz in the bedroom at all costs. This mind-boggling genre of jazz music combines avant-garde art composition with jazz, meaning that, to the untrained ear, it sounds erratic, arrhythmic, and just plain bizarre.

If you think this style of music will help you find a rhythm in the bedroom, you can forget about it. Its undulating rhythmic patterns, wacky time signatures, and seemingly discordant instrumentation will leave you scratching your head before you even attempt to work up any kind of rhythm.

To the trained musician, the ways in which avant-garde jazz pushes the boundaries of music is no-doubt fascinating. However, to most people (including your partner) avant-garde jazz simply sounds like someone pushed a bunch of instruments down the stairs and recorded it. Definitely not one for the bedroom.

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