Employee Management: 6 Tips for Good Management

Employee management is a very big responsibility of the team manager and must be done continuously to achieve satisfactory results. The way the leader communicates with his employees, the attention given to the problems presented, the internal motivation and the recognition are very important to keep his team happy and productive. If you have difficulty doing good employee management, this post is for you. Check out our tips!

1 – Set goals

Goals serve to guide employees about their role in the company and what they must do to contribute to the growth of the organization. For goals to be compatible and results to be satisfactory, the manager must survey past results of the company and employees, analyze each other’s profiles, and then define individual goals based on employee strengths.

2 – Bet on the feedbacks

It is no use just setting goals to keep employees motivated. The feedback the manager gives his team about their performance and the way this feedback is received is equally important for increasing productivity and retaining people. Take time to be frank with your employees, recognize good performance, and provide guidance when improvements are needed. Do it often and adapt the way you communicate, charge, and compliment each person to demonstrate greater closeness to the employee and avoid communication noise as each person receives the message differently.

3 – Encourage participation

Value and encourage employee participation in the company’s decision making, creation and innovation process. Employees feel valued when the company shows attention to what is said and trusts their work. This managerial attitude contributes to greater employee integration and creates an enabling environment for skills development and talent emergence.

4 – Have a good communication tool

When internal communication process is well done, the manager can eliminate the possible noises caused by lack of information such as gossip and speculation for example. There are several communication tools, but the company should look for the one that best fits its team profile, what information will be disseminated and explore the technology it has. Bet on a newsletter, information wall, corporate TV, corporate newspaper, meetings and emails to bring your team together and keep you informed of new procedures, opportunities, results. Take advantage of the shift planner tool to also recognize employees who performed well.

5 – Conduct climate research

Climate research allows the manager to identify which points need to be improved in the company from the employee’s viewpoint. Climate surveys should be conducted periodically (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) according to the perceived need for continuous improvement and a quality of life at work. When the corporate environment is healthy and interpersonal relationships happen, the employee feels more motivated, satisfied and productive.

6 – Develop your employees

Employee development and decentralization of tasks enable the leader to have better time management, focus on issues that are most important to achieving goals, and better monitor employees. When the team has more security to perform the work, the manager’s confidence and the opportunity to develop, the organization will have more people able to perform their duties and able to present better results.

The choice of the most appropriate tool is in accordance with the difficulties encountered by each manager. To succeed in your actions, seek to know your team well and maintain a healthy relationship with your employees.

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