BriGuel Reach New Heights With New Single ‘The Difference’

BriGuel continue shaking the music scene and beyond with the release of their brand new single titled “The Difference”. The NYC based artist couple reach new heights with this single created in collaboration with Andres Gonzales, one of the founders of the HLF, the Holistic Life Foundation, an organization that helps hundreds of thousands of children from underserved communities in Baltimore and around the world. “The Difference” is an anthem for positivity, motivation, and unity, despite the struggles and obstacles that one can face in their own lives. Everything is possible with BriGuel, and their message is to be shared massively so that we all participate in making the world a better place. Their music is flawless, their lyrics are meaningful, and their energies are so contagious that after listening to “The Difference”, our first thought was asking ourselves what we can do to participate in this beautifully creative and life changing movement. 

As seen on their latest Vlog, BriGuel strive to build a better world for everyone, not just for their child (Yes! Brianne Berkson is pregnant!) and that is simply remarkable.


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