Hi JP, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great! Busy, but it feels good working on a new project!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Let It Rain”?

Let It Rain came quite naturally. I loved the beat when I heard it. Initially I thought about a singer on the hook and then I thought nah this has the elements of a true hip hop track, a motivational track to get a crowd hyped. Really proud of how the same has came out and to collaborate with a peer in the Australian hip hop community.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

No not in particular, but it was a mix of a situation with someone I cared about that didn’t go where I wanted it to go but also the start of the Australian summer and the vibe of being with your close friends cruising around in your car bumping music. Just that motivational vibe to re-energise.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

I’ve definitely thought about it, and would love to get it done. Fortafy actually lives in Dubai now so I would have to work out how we could make it happen.

How was the recording and writing process?

Quite effortless to be honest. Most of the tracks that I find are my best tracks come naturally. I tend to mumble freestyle my hooks and verses then come back and write lyrics to them.

What made you want to go for a much stadium sound for this song?

I wanted something that I can move a crowd. Something that rock out whether its in a nightclub or a large stadium packing thousands of people!

What role does Sydney play in your music?

I think Sydney is where I feel home. And my music is heavily based off my life experiences. Sydney is also a very multicultural city. I wouldn’t say I have a heavy Australian accent when I rap. I try to keep the sound international and diverse.

How’s your new EP coming along?

Awesome! There will be 7 tracks in total. It’s a conceptual EP. Very diverse! Real life experiences, some bars and you may even catch me hold a pitch! Haha.

What’s the story behind the title “Over”?

It’s actually kind of like a hidden message to be honest. There’s variables to it. Once you hear the full EP it comes to light more. But its more so like, some things we go through in life finish and its over, while other things never go away and you always come back to them. No matter what I go through personally the music is always there and no one can take that away from me. It will always motivate me and make me feel good.

Will you keep exploring other sounds or focusing more on that same stadium sound?

No you will actually see the EP has a lot of diversity to it! Its more emotional. It starts off aggressive then switches tones and then finishes with a lot of understanding with where I’m at in my life! It comes full circle from start to end.

What are some of the themes will you be touching on this record?

Ambition, starting with some insight into the last 10 years of my life, love, heartbreak, re-energizing myself, maturity, progression.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yeah I would definitely love to do some shows and really be out there in front of people’s eyes. Nothing scheduled as yet but will be working on it

What else is happening next in J.P.’s world?

I’ll be travelling overseas in February for a few weeks with the family, may even try get some shows abroad. Right now just really focusing on finishing off the EP. The tracks are recorded just working on a couple of features and mixing and mastering the final product. Will be heavily focusing on more promotional activity as well.

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