Dorm Room Studios (DRS) Releases New Project “New Beginnings”

There have been many new ventures that started in dorms on college campuses. Facebook, Dropbox and Google are among the start ups in that category. The newest one I came across is Dorm Room Studios (DRS). The hip/hop group is made up of 3 college students that attend the University of Wisconsin and started by making music in their dorm.

The trio of artists consist of Zion Richardson, Lamont Wallace, and Emik Vayts. The college rap group has been making noise across their campus with songs like “That Ass Was Fat” which has over 50,000 streams on Spotify.

DRS made their return to the limelight with their newly released project called “New Beginnings”. The project consists of 7 tracks, each lasting less about 2-3 minutes. From start to finish new “New Beginnings” is a fun project to listen to. None of the tracks are too long and they feature creative bars from a younger and different perspective.

Being a college student and pursuing a career in music is never easy. However, DRS seems to make it work. “New Beginnings” is DRS’s way of looking into the future with a new style of music and a bright number of years ahead.


Listen to the project here:

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