5 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks all Students Need to Know

As one of the most popular operating systems in the world, Windows 10 is a useful tool that can help you do most of your work in a convenient and easy way. If you’re a student, you are more dependent on Windows 10 than anything else for all your projects, assignments, entertainment needs, and much more. It is time that you learn some windows 10 tricks and hacks that will make your life easier and show you the great potential of this operating system.

Best Windows 10 Tips for Students

       If you learn how to use all its features, Windows 10 can be an amazing resource. The faster you master it, the more success it will bring into your academic life by increasing your productivity and allowing you to work more efficiently. However, no matter how great this operating system is, it cannot do your assignment for you even if you learn all the best windows 10 tips.

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       So you have no excuse for not presenting perfect assignments. Here are some insightful windows 10 tips tricks and hacks that will teach you how to improve your productivity.

1. Remove clutter from Start Menu

The best window 10 tips are those that you can use right away so start by unpinning all unnecessary and time-consuming apps and programs from your Start Menu. This way you won’t feel the temptation to check them every time you open your computer. Keep a simple list of only apps and programs that you need to use consistently so you can have easy access to them. Keeping the menu decluttered is a small thing but it puts your brain at ease when things are neatly arranged. This is one of the top windows 10 tips tricks and hacks that you should start with.

2. Learn to Use Cortana

Cortana is Windows 10’s search assistant and it’s a reliable tool that can help you search for things faster. If you tap on your touchpad with three fingers instead of one, the Cortana search bar will open immediately so you won’t have to scroll, thus saving you time. A good student windows 10 feature is using Cortana to remind you of your homework or the deadline for an assignment. Just give Cortana the right command and you will never forget about a task again.

3. Keep Work Tabs Open

One of the most intuitive windows 10 tricks and hacks is keeping your work tabs open so you can resume working at any moment without having to search again for all and miss some important link. Resuming a working session from where you left off is great for saving time and getting into the flow.


4. Use the Virtual Desktop Feature

The ideal student windows 10 feature is probably “New Desktop”, which allows you to switch between two or more different projects and still have everything within your reach easily. You can create different desktops and run different applications from each. Whenever you want to work on a project you can start the desktop that you need specifically for that task.

5. Use Sticky Notes

The best windows 10 tips for students cannot ignore Sticky Notes, this simple but effective tool that allows you to scribble down thoughts, ideas, and keep them in your sight at all times while waiting for the right time to use them. Sticky Notes are a top mark of productivity nerds, and between all windows 10 tips tricks and hacks, using Sticky Notes is an example of an efficient offline tool that can be easily transferred to the virtual world with the same success.

If you’re an Australian student who struggled before to tackle all windows 10 tricks and hacks, you should feel ready now to use the features of this operating system to their maximum potential. The potential for a student windows 10 usage is immense, but the key element in working with Microsoft’s operating system is to be aware of the shortcuts and optimization routes.

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