MMR, or MatchMaking Rating, is a process that doesn’t really end and is also very consuming of your powers. However, some people believe it is all worth it because the triumphant feeling of victory against some of the strongest players beats everything else. If it is taking you a longer time than expected to make your way up in the rankings of Dota 2, it is time you got a boost. There are some easy ways and some hard ways you could get a boost which are getting a dota 2 boost or doing it solo. We will cover both ways in this article so you can figure out for yourself which one works for you better.

Solo MMR Boosting

Before you decide to start an MMR game, it is important you have a couple of warm up sessions. You could either pick the normal game or a custom one i.e. “overthrow”. Whatever you choose, the game should be unranked so you get good practice out of it without affecting your ratings. Then after you are confident enough in your games and you feel like you can take on a MMR game, the next step is to choose the best hero possible for this task. This ultimately depends on the support positions you play, for carry positions we advise you to pick either Phantom Assassin or Terrorblade. If you play mid lane then you could go for storm spirit or invoker, whichever you are comfortable with. Lastly hard lane positions call for enigma or Brewmaster.

People usually play Dota 2 to either boost their MMR or to blow off some steam after a long day. If you are one of the hard core players who care about MMA a lot, then you will have to spend a lot of time practicing in order to increase rankings and get a MMR boost. Don’t get frustrated, because you will eventually get there. It just takes some time and a lot of dedication. But if you aren’t too crazy about doing either of those things then you can look at the other option.

Getting an MMR boost

The other option is to pay a little bit of money and have your ranks boosted. This is the easy way out and you might feel like it is not worth it since you are not actually on those ranks, however, like we said this is just a more convenient way to get where you want and fast. So don’t forget on getting dota 2 booster.

Increasing party MMR

If your aim is to get a party MMR boost, then it is important that you play with friends who are skilled at the game and will cover the sides in which you are weaker at. Have the most interesting duos possible because that is what will increase your chances even more. Grimstroke is a great option in this case because it is very hard to win against the hero especially with a double lane.

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