The Best Auto Accessories for Cold Weather

The weather is cooling off and many drivers all over the country have a muddy fall, and a long, cold winter ahead of them. With cold weather comes snow, sleet, muck, and other messes that will not only make driving conditions worse, but will  also make it harder to keep your vehicle in good shape. Having a dirty car or truck is unsightly, but what’s worse is salt from the roads and dripping water from your boots can eventually cause permanent damage to your investment in your vehicle. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and these six items will help keep your ride in great shape all fall and winter long.

Tonneau Covers

Its ability to haul gear from A to B is what makes a pickup truck great. But when it comes to cargo and tools you can’t get wet, an oncoming winter storm will torpedo your productivity in no time. That’s where a tonneau cover comes in. Folding tonneau covers such as the Trident FastFold will offer weather-resistant protection to your truck bed even in blizzard conditions. Plus, it will also fold up and out of the way in mere seconds when you need to haul large cargo.

Seat Covers

The wear and tear associated with climbing in and out of your cab every day will eventually start to rear its ugly head on your upholstery – especially when cold weather makes fabric more rigid, and your back is covered in moisture-containing snowflakes. But with custom-made seat covers, you can protect your factory upholstery with anything from leather to neoprene. In many cases, this will also improve the style and aesthetics of your interior.

Floor Mats

Sometimes there’s just no getting around it, and you’ll end up trudging back to your car with your boots dripping wet or covered in mud. But mud and salty snow-water will ultimately wreak havoc on your interior’s OE carpeting which is why all-weather floor mats like WeatherBeaters from Husky Liners are so important. These rubber-like floor liners are stylish and comfortable, plus they’ll catch and collect anything from dripping boots to spilled hot cocoa. And unlike the factory floorboards of your vehicle, all-weather mats can be removed and hosed off in your yard.

Car Covers

From the falling leaves of autumn to the heavy snow of the winter (and who could forget the bird bombs that fall year round?) if you leave your car in one place long enough, it’s liable to get covered in something. It may seem benign, but everything from the slight acid content in snow and rain to the sap and pollen on fallen leaves will eventually weaken your vehicle’s finish, ultimately making way for rust and corrosion. A form-fitting outdoor car cover can keep your vehicle protected from all kinds of weather, while still letting moisture from underneath escape.

Window Deflectors

During autumn rains or even winter snow drizzles, it can still be nice to give your windows a crack. But if you don’t want moisture to fall into your vehicle, you’ll need to block the precipitation with custom rain guards. By either affixing rain guards to your exterior with vehicle-grade 3M tape, or inserting in-channel visors directly into your window channel, you can enjoy the fresh air in any weather and any time of year.

Snow Plows

For some people, heavy snow means being stuck at home, waiting on a plow service, or grabbing the shovel. But when your truck or SUV has a snow plow on the front end, you can clear your driveway in minutes without even looking at a shovel. Many plows from brand names like Meyer, SnowBear, and DK2 can be easily installed on any standard front end receiver hitch. Plus, they can be quickly removed from your front end so you can plow on the snowy days and leave it behind on clear days.

The winter can be dispiriting at times, but when your vehicle is ready to take on the challenges the winter throws you’ll lead a happier, healthier life. With a properly outfitted vehicle and perhaps a hot pot of chili simmering at home, you’ll be ready to let it snow!

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