Are Lab-tested CBD Oils Better Than Regular Ones?

Things can get complicated when it comes to CBD. There are more than just a single type of oil, and there are many different methods of delivery too. When people start looking for more information on CBD, they usually have a specific goal in mind. Helping with inflammation, skin complaints, migraines, mental focus – or they want to see what the fuss is all about. And all of those are valid reasons to test out if CBD is right for you. 

Quality control in the CBD industry remains up for discussion, which leads to the question – are lab-tested CBD oils better than others? 

CBD has been more widely available in the last few years than ever – which means there are a lot of places that you can purchase without really knowing what is it in. There have been occasions in the past that CBD oils were used as a carrier oil for other more harmful drugs. 

Of course, reputable businesses wouldn’t even consider selling anything like that. For many wellness companies, it isn’t about the bottom line, it is about improving the lives of their customers too. But if you can’t tell the difference as a consumer, then there are things you can look for on the label. 

Although many sellers will say that they have their products tested, you should look for somewhere that uses a third-party testing lab. These labs will separate the good from the bad, simply because they are the unbiased party that is simply looking for the quality of the product. There are many CBD companies that skip the testing because they can’t afford the cost. One might argue that proving your product to be of the highest quality is worth the price attached.

Buyers are increasingly interested in the quality that they are getting for their money, so are inspecting labels and research labs much more. 

There are companies that add many synthetic ingredients to lengthen their oils. Some add water and other hemp-derived products too. Some artificial ingredients will, of course, have the ability to become addictive. One of the great things about CBD is that it is not addictive at all.

There is a report called Social Media and the Evolution of Transparency, in which consumers state that transparency from a business is more important than ever before. In fact, it was 86% of those that took the test 

Transparency is also important for the loyalty that is built up between a brand and its consumers. Being able to trust that a brand has your best interests at heart, as well as being open about ingredients, is important. Trust can be further established by employed third party testing labs to give stickers of approval and a % of purity. And like with every market, the cream will always rise to the top. 

When you are searching for the information, you are much more likely to find brands that are making their lab results public as well as the lab that they used. CBDhacker sent out 20 samples to a third-party lab to gauge the differences between all of the brands. They have a few tables on their guide that goes into detail about the THC percentage, the price per mg that you are paying and the results were very interesting. 

In an industry that is basically regulating itself, it is important to have these results available and in an easy to digest table. 

So are lab-tested oils better?

Yes. When a company has spent the money to send their products off to be tested, you already know that they are serious about the quality and their consumers. While an oil might taste great or have an excellent effect unless it has been tested by a lab, you actually can’t be sure what it is you are enjoying – and that is the scary truth. 

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