A Beginner’s Guide To Online Casino Games

Unlike traditional, brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos offer way more games that can leave you confused and undecided. To make it easier for you to understand, here are some types of online casinos games that you can find:

  1. Slot

Slots are an all-time favorite by most people. And online slots work exactly like their real-world slot machine counterparts.

Here, you place a bet and pull a virtual lever that spins a number of drums. When they stop, the images line up. The different arrangements of images can result in various prize payouts. However, the most exciting part about playing online slots is that progressive jackpots here goes really high, routinely reaching at least millions.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic table game that originated somewhere in Europe. The object of blackjack is to draw playing cards whose value adds up to— or just as close to as possible— 21. All royal cards worth 10 with the Ace worth 1 or 11, it is up to you.

You will get 2 cards and may even call for more until you decide to stick or go bust. Then the computer dealer plays, continuing on drawing cards until they go bust or hit 17. If you win, you’ll get paid at 1:1 odds.

  1. Video Poker

An all-time must-have in almost all online casinos like in Pokies HQ, the aim of the video poker is to assemble the most powerful poker hand ever. Placing a bet, the machine will deal you with 5 cards.

If you like any of the cards, you press buttons under the card and hold them. The computer then removes the cards that you did not keep and deal you with new ones. That would be your final hand.

If it is a decent hand at all, the computer will then pay out at odds which get higher the better the poker hand is—big for a straight flush, low for a pair.

  1. Roulette

Often called the “King of Casino Games”, roulette is based on pure chance. This fast playing casino game features a wheel with slots numbered on its ring, colored black or red. You will need to place a bet on what number you think will come up— for beginners, you can just bet on what color.

The dealer then spins the wheel and drops a silver ball that bounces around as the wheel slows down and stops in one of the slots— and that is the winning number. If it is the one you chose, then you win big.

  1. Craps

In this game, you roll a pair of dice and try to hit an 11 or 7 to win while other players place bets whether you will succeed or not. Rolling 12, 3, or 2 is Craps, so you lose the game round. Rolling anything than that takes the game to another round.

Bets are paid out at odds based on whether you predicted the roll correctly and not whether you’re successful in making it.

  1. Baccarat

In this game, you play against the dealer. You need to draw 2 card hand with added face value is as close to 9 as possible.If it is 10 or higher, the first digit will be disregarded.

Like craps, the winner is not determined by the player with the better hand. In this game, you place a bet on who will win the round, the dealer or you. If you bet right, you definitely win and get paid at odds.

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