New Microsoft azure certification path in 2019

The changes in the existing azure certification path were introduced at the Ignite conference in 201.  When the announcement happened then people took it in a positive way and most of them said that modern technology has arrived. Now the Azure certification is more role-based. With the introduction of new Azure certification paths many existing Microsoft Azure exams retired in 2018. Today we are going to talk about the new Microsoft Azure certification paths and it’s going to be a very interesting business.

The first part of this list is

Azure fundamentals

Azure fundamentals is basically a foundational level exam and it is the new introduction in the Azure certification path. This exam is for all those people who want to master their cloud skills. All those who want to have a career in tech, specifically in cloud should go for this certification. It is not necessary that you have a technical background to sit in this exam but it is important to have a minor understanding of cloud and azure platform.

As far as the requirements to sit in this exam is concerned then there are few. The basic requirement you should keep in mind is that you need to have a basic understanding of how cloud services work and at the same time it is imperative that you have a know-how of Microsoft Azure platform. In this exam, there are certain domains that you are going to cover and these include.

  • Understanding the core concepts of the cloud.
  • Understanding the central Azure services.
  • Understanding some basic terms like compliance, trust, privacy, and security.
  • Understanding about Azure pricing and support.

One can have this certification in $99 USD

Azure Administrator Associate ( AZ – 103 )

Azure administrator associate is that exam that should be taken by all those who are interested in the role of Azure administrator associate. There are huge chances that after passing the certification you will become a Microsoft certified Azure administrator associate. Not just this you will also receive a badge for that.

This certification is necessary so organizations can validate your knowledge as an Azure administrator associate. Once you have this badge with you then it is certain that you will get the required competency of holding this very privileged position.  As far as the requirement of appearing in this certification is concerned then it is important that you have a knowledge of Azure applications, cloud, and storage infrastructure and operating systems. It is also imperative that the aspirants have the basic knowledge of network components and virtualization tools. All those who know about PowerShell and the command-line interface will have an edge over the others.

There are certain domains that you will cover in this certification and these include.

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources.
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks.
  • Managing identities.
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines.
  • Implementing and managing storage.

The cost of the certification is around $165 USD

Azure solutions architect Expert

According to the new Azure certification paths if you want to be an expert in Azure solutions architect then you need to pass two certifications. One certification is Microsoft Azure architect Technologies and the other certification is Microsoft Azure architect design. After passing both of these exams there is a possibility that you are going to become Microsoft certified solution architect expert and as a reward, you will receive a badge for it. This certification is necessary so you can show off your skills as a resource solutions architect. As far as the requirements to sit in these exams are concerned then it is imperative that you have an understanding of security, data management, IT operations and identity. The one thing which makes this certification different from the other certification is that for this certification you need to have 1-year experience. It is a good thing if you have an understanding of DevOps, azure development and administration as well.

In this certification, you will be covering these domains.

  • Architect cloud Technology Solutions.
  • You will have the ability to deploy and configure infrastructure.
  • You will be able to implement workloads and security.
  • Architect solutions.
  • You will learn how to create and deploy apps.
  • You will learn the design for deployment, migration, and integration.
  • You will learn the design for infrastructure strategy.

The cost of this certification is $175USD

Azure DevOps engineer

If you are well versed in Azure administrator associate or Azure developer associate then it is possible for you to become Azure DevOps, the engineering expert. For all those who need to have the position of Azure DevOps engineer should go for this certification.

To clear this exam it is imperative that the student is familiar with Azure development and Azure administration. It is best if a student has an expertise in one of these areas. To have Azure developer certification, it is important for students to have the capability for designing and implementing DevOps practices for infrastructure as code. They should also have a knowledge of version control, compliance, release, configuration, management and build. Familiarity with the use of technology is also a must. Along with with this all those who will have proficiency in Agile practices will have an edge over the others.

Domains that will be covered in this certification include.

  • Designing a DevOps
  • Implementing DevOPs  development processes.
  • Implementing dependency management.
  • Implementing application infrastructure.
  • Implementing continuous feedback.

The cost of the certification is 165 dollars.

The new Microsoft Azure certification paths have the ability to make you the expert with different certifications. For all those who want to make it big in tech and who want to go for the prestigious positions should definitely go for these certifications. Azure developer certification is one certification with stand out among the others because of the position the candidates will hold after clearing the certification.

Nowadays there are a lot of positions in technology and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue them with the help of certifications.  Choose the certification to get the best job in your career.

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