We all love comic books, and for sure, we can find a lot of characters heroes and villains, fantastic or real. But… what do you have to know when do you want to create to your own villain?

Not only old scripts and archival documents are historical sources, but also comic books – we can see the importance of them after a while when we can confirm that they can be an important aspect in history. In turn, history can be written in thick books, it can be filmed in documentary or feature films, but it can also be found in successful comics, and we are not referring only that comics which are just for children, but also for big people. The comic book has enriched local and international culture, becoming a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

Even though the comic book was the most popular in the United States, it first appeared in Europe. The Glasgow Looking Glass is considered the first original cartoon, the first comic appeared on June 11, 1825. The magazine, which appeared totally in 19 numbers, was a satire about Scottish society, criticizing people and politics in a fun way of the 19th century of Scotland life.

Evolution of comic books

Even though today we see characters that have become famous through BD passing on the big screen and “playing” in Hollywood super productions based on special effects, during the Second World War they successfully fought (alongside Mickey Mouse) against the Nazis in the colored pages of comic book magazines; we have the opportunity to create our own comic book characters female. The phenomenon of comics has become an object of academic study and research, both in terms of the cultural heritage it represents, but also of its impact on a significant segment of contemporary society.

When we decided to create a character, and we choose to bring to life female supervillains, browsing old comic book collections, it’s a must. We need to discover the concerns, mentalities, lifestyles of the people of that space or even political propaganda messages – camouflaged in frivolous drawings or cartoons – transmitted by the author. In simple terms, we need to know which details we must include in that story and how others made the most famous ones. If you want to professional research, you can also use a guide to write an essay – the paper received will be more than amazing!

What should you look for?

For example, in the United States, the first comic books began to appear in the 1930s, and the first comic book was considered by many people to be Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics. Although there were newspapers that published various short stories illustrated on their pages, Famous Funnies magazine was the first comic book magazine. As the magazine emerged during the Great American Economic Crisis, a decisive factor that contributed to its success was the 10 cents reduced price that was printed directly on the cover. Thus, the magazine began to enjoy a growing success and, as a natural result, began to have a growing competition. Famous Funnies Magazine is considered by many to be the first American comic magazine to inspire those who later created the famous comic strip Marvel or DC Comics.

Of course, many want to make a similar comic as those created by Marvel and DC Comics. It should be noted that these two major publishers began to experience success later in the 40s and 50s when they first made the heroes such as Superman, Batman, Captain America or X Men. So you should know that even in the first years your work will not be recognized by the whole country or world, don’t worry – it is a natural situation which all face it…

How is the success measured?

In the battle of American superheroes, the winner in terms of popularity and number of magazines sold is Superman, the hero created by DC Comics, with over 600 million sold numbers. In fact, since the first issue in 1938, the Superman comic stripes have never stopped producing, with numerous adaptations and reinterpretations of Kryptonian adventures. Superman holds the record for the highest price ever paid for a cartoon magazine, the first issue of the magazine being sold for over three million dollars.

Until you reach the same level of popularity, you need to know these simple steps: make good research, inspire from local culture to give it a more interesting effect and… draw like you were meant to create the next Super Villain!

Joshua Robinson is a cultural specialist, with 15 years of experience as proof. He has a master’s degree in psychological behavior and one Ph.D. in History. Not only that he was conducting several types of research in the importance of comic books in social life, but he also followed the way people reacted when they talked about this particular subject.

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