Best Prank Call Apps and Prank Call App Tools

Prank Dial- Prank Call App

This prank call app has been delivering belly-aching laughs since 2016 but also continues to improve. Other than offering new prank calls to play, it has updated its app interface to a new, more user-friendly design.

Currently, with over 200 million pranks already made this app is certainly worth checking out.

Prank Dial offers over 150 pre-recordings made by professional voice actors providing a wide variety of your choosing. Some of these include ‘Pizza Delivery’, ‘Why You Call Me’ and ‘Credit Fraud.’

It’s easy, pick a pre-recording, enter the phone number you want to prank, send then listen.

Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks youtube channel already serves its purpose as being one of the funniest prank callers online. However, did you also know they offer a prank call app which you can download for free?

Ever wanted to know what kind of reactions you would get if Tyrone Biggums, Billy Balls or Rakesh Cristoval prank called one of your friends?

Well, now you can! The Ownage Pranks app offers pre-recordings with all of these characters and many more, voiced by the sensational voice actor on the youtube channel.

Like the previous recommendation, the process is the same, so let’s begin. First, choose a pre-recording, pick the contact, send then listen. It’s that easy!

One outstanding feature is its speech recognition technology which automates responses. It can recognize whether or not a reply has been made, answering at the correct times, making it feel like a natural phone call.

Prank Call App Tools

Automatic Call Recorder

This app is a prank calling tool as it does not offer pre-recordings and is primarily used for personal or business use. However, it is also fantastic and useful for prank callers as the recording afterwards can be just as crucial as the prank call itself.

Ever made a prank call that you had to listen too again or share but was unable to record? Perhaps you weren’t satisfied with the quality of the recording and needed an app to offer clear playbacks.

This app allows you to save and record phone calls. It provides quality recordings which are crystal clear and has no limit on the number of calls you wish to record.

The recorded calls can then be integrated with Google Drive™ and Dropbox, which allows synchronization directly to the cloud.

The pro version has additional features which offer further customization. You can arrange for chosen contacts to be automatically saved, which will then be saved in the cloud.

Pocket Casts 

Pocket Casts is an excellent tool for prank callers to gain insight and ideas to recreate or create new original prank ideas.

This app provides several prank call podcasts such as Madhouse Radio, The Prank Call Podcast and The Snow Plow Show. These podcasts release weekly episodes which have hilarious and original content.

This can give information and inspiration on different ideas to try out, as podcast prank humour is always up to date and fresh.


Do you love to play prank calls to friends on the weekends regularly? Then protecting your personal details such as your Caller ID should be a high priority.

SpoofCard offers this in spades as it is one of the best apps in the market that provides anonymity above anything else.

It is also an all in one prank call app as it has many distinctive features, which you would generally have to download separate apps for.

Now you can prank Call freely without the worry of being exposed.

This app not only allows you to change your voice to a man or a woman and also gives additional background noises which you can add to the phone call.

This will not only make the call more exciting and authentic but also will relieve any suspicion that it was, in fact, you who made the call.

One of Spoofcard’s most prominent and perhaps most important features is to hide your identity by changing your caller ID. A different caller ID will ensure the person on the other line can’t track the call back to your address.

Caller IDs being found out can not only lead to angry callbacks but also potentially to legal issues, which can be avoided easily.

Another function that this app offers is its voicemail application, this is where phone calls can be sent to a person’s voicemail directly.

Fake phone calls sent to voicemail gives the impression that you called, despite never doing so. This can be useful for providing proof that you made a call, potentially letting you escape troublesome situations.

All conversations can be recorded and are available to download.

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