What Are SARMs? – Types, Cycle, Benefits

Daily workout routines have proven to be essential to a healthy and prolonged life. Unfortunately, our hectic routines leave much to be desired in this case *sigh*. Those who muster up the motivation to commence their fitness routine reach a plateau early enough to lose all of that morale.

SARMs belong to a class of “androgen receptor ligands”. They enhance the growth of skeletal muscle and were initially produced in the ‘90s for research in cancer treatments.

The form then on, doctors and scientists engineered these drugs to their current state is.


  • Ostarine:   It is the most common type of Sarm available and is a popular health supplement for those suffering from muscle atrophy.

  • MANDARINE: This particular Sarm enhances muscle strength and performance.

  • TESTOLONE: Testolone is one of the most popular supplements as it also amplifies strength and muscle mass.


As mentioned earlier, SARMswere invented to aid in cancer treatments.

We have come a long way since then, and so has the development of these drugs.

“So many older people, they just sit around all day long and they don’t get any exercise. Their muscles atrophy and they lose their strength, their energy, and vitality by inactivity”. –  Jack LaLanne

This quote gives words to an issue that is becoming increasingly common. Muscle atrophy is a condition where the muscle of an individual starts to waste away. This wasting can occur due to serious issues such as cancer to minimal problems such as lack of inactivity.

SARMs can be purposeful in this matter by preventing such conditions. They provide your body with nutrients and chemicals that are essential for muscle gaining. This is proved by the fact that these supplements were involved in a clinical trial to test if they can aid in breast cancer treatment.

If you are considering to buy SARMs and worry about the side effects that other steroids carry, then rest assured, the research conducted on a lot of these drugs says they specifically act on the muscle tissue and bones. This implies that your pancreas, liver, and other vital organs are relatively safer by using SARMs in place of steroids if they are consumed as directed by medical professionals.

Another benefit that can be added to the CV of SARMs is they make muscles more durable. Your workout sessions could last longer and be more effective.


A SARMs cycle is usually 6-8 weeks long. In this duration, it is significant to consume an appropriate amount of calories and water. It is advisable to drink at least a gallon of water a day. Similarly, one should try to incorporate proteins into their diet. Carbs are essential in the diet if you intend to gain weight.

Proper exercise is to accompany this strict diet to produce the best results.

You can easily buy SARMs from sarmsstore. They are one of the most trusted online sellers of this product and proudly present this fact.

Summarizing the arguments, we may say that SARMs are a much better alternative to steroids. As more time goes by, we will see more improvements in the drug, and it will certainly gain more popularity after its success in clinical trials.

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