Lisa Prank’s ‘Perfect Long Song’ to Imperfect Love

I could get all writer-ly and fancy. I could do one of those music review things where I really just make the entire piece an exercise in trying to find the most-specific way to describe the sound of music. You know, write something like “This song feels like if a depressed windmill married a skunk that was in Vietnam” or whatever nonsense. I could be all academic and really break things down. There are many ways I could handle this review. However, I am still floating on the ecstatic joy that comes from listening to a great album. It’s still deep in my veins. Let me just say it then: Perfect Love Song by Lisa Prank is SO. GOD. DAMN. AMAZING.

I love this album. It’s my favorite album of the year. I know I am going to listen to it over and over. I will be listening to it to the detriment of finding new albums to listen to. I don’t care. I’m not entirely surprised how much I love this album. I think Lisa Prank’s previous album, Adult Teen, may have been my top album of that year. At worst it was second. I think Frankie Cosmo’s Next Thing might have come out that year two and that album is also just so great.

I adored Adult Teen so much I asked the site I was writing for at the time if I could try and interview Robin Edwards, who performs under the nom de music Lisa Prank. Then I did. Her phone kept dropping out so the interview took forever. I told her about some city in New Mexico that is the drunk driving capitals of the United States. I underwent the most unpleasant experience a writer can endure, transcribing an interview, because I wanted people to know about Adult Teen. I want you to know about it too. I actually wrote an article for this very site about it. I’m not here to tell you that you must listen to Perfect Love Song as well.

This is perfect pop punk. Seriously. You can’t make a pop punk album better than this! I defy you. Also, if you tell me you don’t like this album I will fight you. I mean that. I have never been in a fight. But if you don’t like this album I will get in a fight with you. I will throw down to defend the honor of Perfect Love Song.

I love its sound. I love Edwards’ voice. I love her lyrics. She’s vulnerable and introspective but always come across as practical and relatable. Her songs are complex because her emotions are complex. I literally almost cried listening to “Work Hard.” It’s just so fucking beautiful. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say “fucking” on this site! I’m sorry if I’m not! If I read this and see that there are asterisks in those last two sentences then I’ll know. It just needed to be said because that’s how forceful my feelings for this album are.

Perfect Love Song is the best album of the year. I know that in my bones. Nothing will beat it. Apologies to all other challenges. Lisa Prank gives me everything I want from music. I am so happy this album exists. Listen to it right now!

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