Prominent signs of depression

The preponderance of people have this misconception that sadness, dragging emotion that doesn’t long up, and prevent down are the symptoms of depression. But, discomfort, aches, and weak memory show the opposite facet of depression. We all know the prominent symptoms of depression. However, they can hide the notable depression, and postpone diagnosis among people, particularly senior citizens. Following the statements of Dr. Anne Fabiny, the chief of geriatrics at Cambridge Health Alliance and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School “Seldom it’s difficult to diagnose depression in older adults as they don’t come in and say, I’m depressed. They are more into presenting with bodily indications that they don’t correlate with what they’re feeling pain, memory problems, poor sleep, a change in appetite”.

Furthermore, she revealed that there are people who tend to fall more often due to depression. Apparently, there seem not similarities between the two; however, depression makes a person unaware of its surroundings.

Doctors claim that older people (especially old age men) have a unique way of expressing their depression. Dr. Anne states “Older men are more likely to exhibit anger or grumpiness as a manifestation of depression than women. So, the standard of the cantankerous old man could be a symptom of a depressed old man.”

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the ratio of women is higher compared to men in the depression world. It states that 10.7% of women, while only 7.7 % of men suffer from depression. Even though you can face depression at any part of life, but mostly it strikes between 45 to 65.

It is a common practice that old citizens do not share much about depression, as this topic is still a taboo for their generation. Dr. M. Cornelia Cremens, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, explains this “Maturer people but have the belief that ‘I’m not insane. I don’t want people to believe I’m insane,’”

An important tip that Dr. Anne shares; is that she refrain from using the word depression; instead, she calls it sad or blue to make the patient feel comfortable.

Depression can be treated; however, to diagnose it, some eminent signs other than sadness are:

  • Sleep-deprived

  • lack of energy

  • Tiring feel

  • The problem at concentrating or memorizing

  • Not feeling hungry

  • Prolonged aches and pains

Doctors claim that out of hesitation, senior citizen prefers eating medicines for depression rather than seeking a psychiatrist help. Nonetheless, the fact is that anti-depression medicine is not reforming des for older people. It can take months to effect leaving behind a list of fetal side effects. Researches claim that therapy (talking) is far more effective rather than medicines. Dr. Anne claims that “There’s a higher rate of mortality in older adults who are depressed and have untreated depression. And it so profoundly affects the quality of life. People suffer, and they can also lose functional capacity,”

Depression is not fatal it is curable; hence, you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, our recommendation is to share with a trustworthy doctor. Maybe it proves to be a positive step towards your betterment.

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