How to Select The Best Large Automatic Dog Feeders

All dogs have to eat. It’s how you feed them that’s the question.

There are a lot of variables at play when it comes to feeding your dog properly. All dogs are not interchangeable with all dog feeders. That’s much like saying children can keep using the same eating utensils and sippy cups no matter whether they’re 2 years old or 14. Different sized people call for different sized eating and drinking utensils. Likewise, different sized dogs need different kinds of dog feeders.

When you are shopping for best large automatic dog feeder, read the labels carefully. Most will tell you what size dog will be best suited for the feeder. While you may like to second-guess things, those size charts are usually dead on and can help you select what’s best for your pet.

Next you need to consider the materials you want the dog feeders to be made out of. Many of the feeders on the market today are plastic, others are ceramic and steel. Which of these you choose will depend in part on your dog and in part on your preferences.

If you have a dog that is tough and will be pushing the feeder all around the house if it runs out, you may want to avoid ceramic that can break. Plastic feeders also can break under pressure and tend to age quickly if they are left in an area of direct sunlight. Steel dog feeders are strong and also steel tends to be easy to clean if your dog combines a lot of food and water to make a soppy mess.

Do you just need a dog feeder or do you need a feeder and waterer combo? Some feeders come with built in waterers so you can have a two-in-one food and water station for your pet. This does offer convenience, as the two pieces are always together and can both be picked up and cleaned, or filled, at once.

Another convenience that many people look for in their dog feeders is automatic feeders. These are feeders that dispense food at specific intervals. This is good if you are gone for many hours at the time, but want to make sure your pet can have a meal at his usual mealtime. If you have a dog who needs a number of small meals spaced out, there are also automatic dog feeders that will allow you to have a number of chambers of food set up that will release at appropriate times, for your pet’s feedings.

Some people prefer to just leave a large bowl of food out, but that doesn’t always work, especially if you have a dog with self-control issues. Some dogs will always eat until there is no more, no matter how much was in the bowl to begin with. Others will eat until they are full and come back when they need more. If your dog is one of the gorgers, you will have to keep the portions controlled, which can be done with an automatic feeder.

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