Here are the 5 tips for safe chatting Online

Apart from the endless hours we spend on Gchat at work, chat online is mainly for children. Nevertheless, the responsibility for knowing the basics of cat security lies with adults: they can teach them to their children. While the following tips are about online chat in general, they are especially for children and their parents.

1. Protect your identity: 

Do not choose an identifier that uses your real name and, when you chat, never give out any information that can be used to identify you or locate you. This includes your last name, photos of you, your school, where you go out with your friends, and geographic information like your area, your city, and of course your street.

2. Do not trust anyone: 

You can chat with your friends online without problems, but be aware that people online are often not the ones they claim to be. You should never meet someone you have met online. Even if you are sure to know someone, remember that predators are very good at creating a character and deceiving children.

3. Chat room vs. Instant messaging: 

You should always use a secure chat room or live webcam chat. But despite the fact that they are supervised by moderators, it is not completely safe because it will not prevent some people from starting inappropriate conversations and saying things that could make you feel uncomfortable. Instant messaging is not necessarily secure either  : do not accept an invitation from someone you do not know, and never give your IM or chat password to anyone, even your friends.

4. Talk to your parents: 

Parents need to talk to their children about the types of chat rooms they are involved in, as well as conversations that are appropriate and those that are not. Allowing offspring to chat only with people that parents and children know personally is a safe approach. Children need to feel that they can talk to their parents when a conversation becomes uncomfortable or inappropriate.

5. Stay alert: 

When it comes to online chat, you must always stay alert. There are tons of predators who are very good at gaining the confidence of children: parents and children must always be vigilant and know who they are talking to, what they are talking about and what information they share. A parental control solution like the one that can be found in products like Internet Antivirus can help you strengthen these rules and ensure the safety of your children.

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