Five Tips for Surviving Depression

Most everyone will suffer with some degree of depression at some point in their life. However, some people suffer from depression far more than others. In fact, some people suffer from chronic depression, which can lead to illness, hospitalization, and sometimes attempted suicide.

Depression is no laughing matter, at even at its most minimal, it is not to be ignored. For people that suffer from depression, whether it is mild or chronic, there is help. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you come through the other side of your depression with a smile on your face.

Talk To Someone

If you are suffering from depression, it’s important that you talk to someone. Talk to your spouse or talk to a good friend, or even talk to your family doctor. The more you talk about your issues the better you can begin to deal with them.

Sometimes talking just isn’t going to be enough. It could be that your friends don’t know the right things to say to help you. You may need to speak to someone that is trained and knows how to really help people that are going through depression.

Get Professional Help

Because depression can quickly spiral and cause you to want to self-medicate, or even to want to end your life, it is important to talk to a primary care physician and get the right treatment. Therapy may seem scary and daunting, but it really can help people that are having issues.

Keep A Journal

Journaling is a great way to heal many things that ail your, from boredom to stress. Using a journal to help with your depression is a great way to be able to express all of those feelings that you have trouble expressing normally. A journal is a good thing to confide in and you don’t have to worry about being told you are wrong or that your feelings are stupid.

Take Your Vitamins

Interestingly, some believe that depression is caused by issues in the brain. If you want to help fight depression, then it makes sense that you would take vitamins and minerals that can help with brain health. Some of the best choices include a vitamin V complex and some Omega 3 fatty acids.

You can get these through a healthy diet or through supplements. A healthy brain can lead to a healthy self-esteem and a healthier lifestyle.


Fitness, especially cardio exercises, helps release endorphins into your brain, which are feel good hormones. If you feel good, it’s kind of hard to be depressed. Add in a regular fitness routine, and even some yoga to help relax your mind.

Depression doesn’t have to control you; you can fight it. Recognize the problem and get the help you need – you’re worth it!

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