Robotic Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum Comparison Review

Owing the robot vacuums or floor cleaners has been increasing since the Robotic Vacuum were launched in the market recently. There are millions of units sold across the world and this trend continues with the advancements in the technology.

The new robot vacuums are highly improved from its first editions from the popular brands like Neato and iRobot providing best cleaning power, durability and convenience.

Robot Vacuum or Traditional Vacuum – Which One To Buy?

Should you buy the robot vacuum cleaner?

Question remains as whether the new technology of the robot vacuum cleaner will be able to replace traditional vacuum in our home. Without any doubt that there’re some good quality of robot vacuums available in the marketplace that do the best job of cleaning the floors. But, they can’t reach areas such as curtains and upholstery, thus, many people think that to keep their home sparkling clean the traditional vacuum cleaner is a must-have.

What’re main things to find in the Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

By looking at the reviews online of the Robotic Vacuum, you can easily find out the functionality and features that the new units offer. There are a few things that you would like to consider in the robot vacuum and it includes:

  • HEPA filtration – In order, to ensure that most of the dust particles are totally captured & not released back in the air;

  • Battery running and recharge times – Search for the lithium ion batteries that is a latest technology;

  • Virtual walls –For keeping your robot cleaner out of the particular locations in home.

  • Replacement parts must be simple to find—The filters, preferably brushes, wheels and batteries should be easy to find. The third-party filters are affordable than purchasing directly from the manufacturer. But, internal electronics must be bought straight from manufacturer, so you do not risk voiding the warranty and damaging your robot vacuum cleaners.

  • Intelligent navigation systems –The robot must learn your home layout over time so their efficiency will improve.

  • Much come with advanced scheduling features

Let us now understand the key differences

Staircase Cleaning

The robotic cleaners don’t do stairs as they stop at the steep drops and are just good to clean up the flat surfaces. Today’s upgraded versions will clean up your landings but they will not roll down the flight of stairs when cleaning it.

On the other hand, traditional cleaners are handled by human assistance that is one main reason why you can clean your staircases with traditional vacuum cleaners easier.

Suction Power        

The robotic vacuum cleaners are ones that work towards saving your battery that is one main reason why they are having the lower suction power. However, if this is used for the regular cleaning, it will be very effective to make your place neat and tidy.

But, traditional cleaners are been used by the continuous power plugging thus they work in the full force. Therefore you will get cleaning done by once.

Struggle with the mess     

The robotic cleaners work proficiently with any type of clutter as there are high standard of sensors for detecting any clutter and picking this up on a way.

The traditional vacuum cleaners work very well on the small objects however may get stuck at large litter.


The robotic cleaners are automatic and it is one reason why you don’t need to be very anxious about the entire working process. It doesn’t need to be used by hand and can be operated easily with help of applications or remote.

Alternatively, traditional vacuums come hand driven, so you need to be there at the area where cleaning has to take place.


The robotic vacuums rate will range from $300 – $900, thus it is very high priced. But as it replaces the manual cleaners, actually it saves lots of money and time.

Actually, traditional vacuums are lower in the price but it needs much more time than required by the robovacs.

End Note

Robotic vs regular vacuum cleaner has been the hot topic of discussion, but now you have the complete knowledge about it, so all you need to do is buy the best Robotic models so you are able to spend your free time doing some creative instead of cleaning your rooms. Overall all, you can efficiently save your money and time using the robotic vacuum cleaners!

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